What is dabbing

What is "Dabbing" ?
Dabbing is a term for smoking cannabis concentrates. like hash oil (BHO) , cannabis wax or shatter.
One of the most popular methods is to smoke it by using a olibong or dabbong.
A nail from titanium or crystal is heated by a gas burner or electronic heating element (Enail) and then the dabtool is held against the hot nail. Because of this the concentrate burns and creates smoke, and you could inhale the vapors.
This process is called taking a dab.

What is cannabis concentrate?
Cannabis concentrate is the end product of the female flower-buds of the cannabis plant after extraction. There are a number of forms which may take to this concentrate.
As long as all the components of an extract are still in a single, homogeneous phase the extract is transparent.
Different production processes determine whether the extract is hard, malleable or juicy. Temperatures which the plant material is exposed to prior to and during the extraction will affect the consistency.

Cannabis extract similar to honey and can be light or dark in color. THC is liquid at room temperature. You can create this kind of extract after well purging of BHO, or alcoholic-made oil. The more terpenes are present in the oil the more liquid it is.

Shatter is a hard substance that breaks upon impact or movement. Only dealing with a sublimation furnace or vacuum furnace contains mostly THCA non psychoactive THC activated get to burn through active dabbing.
Shatter in ware oil that is not water, contains little terpenes and no residue has more of the extraction process. When it's slightly warmer than room temperature it get soft and can change into wax.

Wax / Crumble
Wax is created by irritating the oil, this can be done by whipping or transferring  the oil. Sometimes this happens by accident. An oil can change to wax out of nowhere after a time. This happens to evaporating of the remaining residue.