Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

Lost a component or do you just want to order a spare part? That is possible at our Focus-Planet Vaporshop! In our Vaporshop we have several parts to make your vaporizer work again and shines like a new one, so don't let your broken Vaporizer in the closet. We offer the customer a wide range of different parts from many brands, including Volcano, Dr. Dabber, Arizer, Magic Flight, HerbalAire etc. Nothing worse than breaking or loosing parts of your vaporizer. Most manufacturers offer replacement parts for their vaporizers.  We offer also nice add-ons for vaporizers like percolators to create a even more smooth vape. For example you can put a percolator on the dr. Dabber so the vape gets filtered trough water. Always make sure you use the official parts because we can not ensure the quality of replica vaporizer parts. Therefore we only offer official vaporizer parts and accessories. 

From tubing to a brush, batteries and chargers. It's no problem at Focus-Planet. Even if something is not in stock you can reach us through our help desk. We are ready to help you find your vaporizer part. 

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Flowermate V5. OS Mini Mouthpiece New

Flowermate V5. OS Mini Mouthpiece

A spare mouthpiece for the FlowerMate V5.0S Mini vaporizer, made out of borosilicate glass...

Vapo bowl 14.5mm Glass New

Vapo bowl 14.5mm Glass

The Vapo bowl is a pipe head that makes a vaporizer of any pipe or bong. There is a metal version th..