Volcano EASY VALVE manual

Volcano EASY VALVE manual

Volcano EASY VALVE manual


If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use vaporizer that can handle both at-home and entertainment usage for all of your friends and family, your search ends here. That is exactly what the Volcano Easy Valve does, and we’re confident you’ll love it.

Manufactured in Germany, the Volcano Easy Valve has exceptional vapor and manufacturing qualities. By the testament of friends and family, and of course everyone here at Focus Planet, the Volcano Easy Valve vaporizer is the best vaporizer that we have ever used. From home use to vacation fun, this vaporizer is ready to go.

Additional Info

What is the Volcano Easy Valve Manual?

The Volcano Easy Valve Manual is a type of vaporizer or smokeless inhaler of high quality. The Easy Valve can be used for all types of vaporizer usage— it is very affordable and can be bought online from us along with any other Volcano vaporizer accessories that you may ever need.

Volcano Easy Valve Replacement Pieces:

Like all vaporizer products, you will find that the Volcano Easy Valve has parts that will need to be replaced over time. The balloons will need to be changed after regular maintenance and cleaning, after roughly 50-100 balloon (or bag) fillings. The Volcano Easy Valve replacement set can be purchased online at our store and includes 6 replacement bags, mouthpieces, and filling chambers for a price that cannot be beaten.

How to Clean:

Disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling— this task can be intimidating to do for the first time, but never fear. With the use of rubbing alcohol and sea salt, along with some other household objects (such as a wide-mouthed jar, Q-tips, paper towels, and a pair of pliers), the cleaning process of the Volcano Easy Valve is simple and easy. Specific instructions can be found on our online forums or by reading the guide.

Easy Valve or Solid Valve?

We here at Focus Planet prefer the easy valve over the solid valve—the assembly and reassembly with the easy valve is relatively less complicated. The Easy Valve is simple to handle and requires minimal upkeep. Once a bag is used and needs to be replaced, just clean the chamber, replace the bag, and you’ll be ready to go for round two. The Easy Valve is also more lightweight than the Solid Valve, which makes transportation much simpler. The Solid Valve is trickier when it comes to replacing bags and requires some experience when doing so.

So what are you waiting for? The Volcano Easy Valve can be ordered right here at any time. We also sell accessories, replacement parts, starter kits, and the whole Volcano itself. We are completely certain that you'll find the experience you get with the Volcano Easy Valve will be better than any you have had before, and you will never want (or need!) another vaporizer ever again.


  • 1 Volcano (hot air generator)
  • 5 balloons with mouthpieces "Easy Valve"
  • 1 "Easy Valve" filling chamber for herbs
  • 6 screens
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 sponge iron to vaporize liquids
  • 1 grinder
  • English manual
  • 2 years warranty
Warm-up time2-5 min
Adjustable temperatureYes
Portable / TabletopTabletop
Suitable forHerbs & Oil
Way of heatingElectric

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