Lighter/Gass Vaporizers

Lighter/Gass Vaporizers

Here at my planet I have a great selection of light weight and smooth lighter vaporizers in stock that will heighten you smoking experience— making it last longer and lighter on your lungs. I’ve hunted down the best of each type of lighter vaporizer to give you the best smoke of your life. Experience my great selection of quality hand pipes, bill pipes, glass pipes, and bowls from top brands like Gaspipe, Vape Lifter, Alivi and more. If the best vaporizers at the best prices are what you’re after, check out my planet and buy yours today.

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Oil smoking pipe | vaporizer

DescriptionSometimes simplicity really is the best way to go! With the glass hand pipe, you are in r..


VAPONIC vaporizer

DescriptionVaponic vaporizer has not only been designed as the ideal vaporizer —the makers of this p..


Glasspipe/vaporizer in box 150mm

DescriptionThe glass vaporizer is the go-to option when you want a convenient and easy option for en..


Glasspipe/vaporizer in box 250mm

DescriptionThe glass vaporizer is the go-to option when you want a convenient and easy option for en..

Manual Glass Vaporizer -39%

Manual Glass Vaporizer

DescriptionThis hand-held vaporizer allows you to inhale just the vapor of the herbs, without the da..

4.95€ 3.00€

Smoking Bubble Hand vaporizer

DescriptionThe Smoking Bubble Handvaporizer is a easy to use vaporizer that only requieres a bottle,..


Vape Lifter

DescriptionThis versatile pipe starts out at 9.5 cm long and extends like a telescope to 15 cm, near..


Vapo bowl

DescriptionFor a one stop shop hot box vaporizer you can’t go wrong with this vaporizer bowl. The Va..


Vapo2 Vaporizer

DescriptionThe small vaporizer reviews are in and people are raving about the easy to use Vapo2 vapo..


VaporGenie Vaporizer

DescriptionIf you are looking for a simple and highly portable vaporizer, then look no further than ..


WISPR 2 vaporizer

DescriptionThe WISPR vaporizer and WISPR 2 by iolite are the most revolutionary, portable WISPR vape..