Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers

What is the best vape pen

​There are different vape pens on the market nowadays. Since the popularity of cannabis extracts manufacturers jump in the market to create the best vape pen possible. Its very difficult to choose the best vape pen. It all depends on what the user wants. In this category we have selected the best vape pen for smoking concentrates. If you want a vape pen that you can also use for dry hebrs please check out our portable vaporizer category. 

Wax/oil concentrate vaporizer pens

These vaporizers make it easy to smoke your wax and oil concentrates. Not the hassle with heating up oil rig systems on your bong. Just simply place your wax into the chamber of the concentrate vaporizer and turn the device on. The vaporizer coil will heat up your oil or concentrate and it will realease a very potent and tasty vapor. 

Oil and concentrate vaporizers enable the optimal enjoyment of your favorite oils, BHO or e-juice/e-liquid, as well as concentrates. These units come with a button activation system which makes them super user-friendly and also utilizes a cartridge/tank system and a lithium ion battery that can be changed at any time. There discreteness, ease of use and efficiency will leave you with a huge smile on your face! 

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Airistech Seva | Herbal Vaporizer -10%

Airistech Seva | Herbal Vaporizer

Airistech Seva Herbal VaporizerThis Seva herbal vaporizer from Airistech is a 3-in-1 vaporizer ..

85.00€ 76.50€


DabstormThe Dabstorm is not suitable for dry herbs or e-liquids, but is intended only for oil and co..


Dabstorm 2.0

Dabstorm 2.0The Dabstorm 2.0 is a small sized dabbing unit with considerable power. 50 watt translat..

Dr. Dabber Ghost -25%

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Dr. Dabber GhostThe Ghost is not suitable for herbs or e-liquids, but can only be used for oils and ..

99.95€ 74.95€

Dr. Dabber Light

DescriptionThe Dr. Dabber Light is not suitable for herbs or e-liquids, but can only be used for oil..


FlowerMate Aura

FlowerMate AuraFlower Mate has long been known for its homemade products that deliver great performa..


FlowerMate V5.0S mini PRO

Flowermate V5.0S mini PROOur FlowerMate V5.0S Mini Pro is a masterpiece pocket size vaporizer that i..


HipVap Vaporizer

HipVap Portable VaporizerThe HipVap is one of the most advanced portable vaporizers in its kind. Thi..


Storm vaporizer

Storm vaporizerSmall yet powerful, Storm's stainless steel body is strong, sleek and stealthy. Simpl..