What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that evaporates herbs, oil or wax. It releases the active components into an aromatic vapor. There is no combustion of the herbs so there is no smoke but a slight vapor. With a vaporizer you do not get the thick smoke that you're used of smoking a cigarette or joint. The big advantage of a vaporizer is that the vapor does not contain toxic components such as tar, benzene, toluene, naphthalene etc. Therefore vaporizers are commonly used as a healthy alternative to smoking herbs. 

What is the difference between smoke and vapor?

When burning herbs there is a release of harmful substances which harm your health. You will lose a lot of the active ingredients when you burn your favorite herbs. A vaporizer will not burn your favorite herb but evaporate (vape) this. Through a hot air circulation through the plant material vaporizers vaporizes the active ingredients of the herb. This leaves an aromatic and spicy vapor on which you can inhale through different methods. Once you vaporized the herbs you will see that the herbs are not burned to ashes. This makes it quite easy to keep clean a vaporizer.

Due to the popularity of the vaporizer, there are now many different models on the market. There are tabletop, portable, electronic, and gas vaporizers. There are several parts so you can transform a normal bong into a vaporizer. Prices vary from € 2.95 to € 495 euros.

Vaporizer bongbowls

These components are used to change a normal bong or pipe in a vaporizer. Because you only heat the bowl with a lighter the herbs will evaporate. There is no direct contact with fire. Big downside is you cannot set the temperature and it takes some practice to vaporize your herbs. We always recommend a torchjet as lighter. Products: Vapo BowlVapocane

Portable lighter / gas vaporizers

These vaporizers are used in the same way as the vaporizer bowls. There are different designs in the form of a glass bulb, pipe or one hitter. The price range are often much lower than the electronic vaporizers. You need a lighter / torchjet while other vaporizers like the IoliteHammer and  wispr have a build in ignition mechanism.

Portable electric vaporizers

Electronic portable vaporizers are quite in advance. The big advantage is that you can your vaporizer almost everywhere. There are models where you can set the temperature precisely and models that work with a preset temperature control. Popular models are: Flowermate v7.0Magic flight boxCrafty

Concentrate vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers are made to vapor oil's (dab) or wax. This is called dabbing and is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users. The vaporizer market offers many vape pens that make this possible. There are models that evaporate both herbs and oils such as the storm vaporizer. For example, the muad dab  is a vaporizer which is only suitable for "dab" to smoke.

Table top vaporizers

These are usually large and heavy vaporizers. They are table top vaporizers called because they are used indoors on a table. Table top vaporizers are often more advanced than portable vaporizers and often work with hoses or balloons to inhalleren vapor. One of the best vaporizers on the market is the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.