Terms & Conditions (S)

By placing an order at Online-scales you accept all responsibilities regarding the legality of the products that will be shipped to you. All products on our website are legal in The Netherlands. However, we cannot and will not make any claims about the legal status of any product in any other country, because it is impossible for us to keep up with the continually changing laws in every country. We cannot provide any information on the legal status of a product in your country, so please do not ask us.  You accept the responsibility to inform yourself about your local laws, import and custom regulations before ordering and you certify that the import to your country of the products ordered is legal. We do not encourage the illegal use of our products. We strongly advise you to consult your lawyer, if you have any doubts.

By using this website and placing an order at Online-scales you certify that you are at least 18 years of age. This website, with all its contents, is intended solely for consenting adults. 

You're taking full liability for personal injury, damages, punitive measures, lost profit or revenues, loss of use of product or equipment and any loss of property that may result from the purchase, ingestion, use or misuse of any product from Online-scales. Online-scales, its owners, agents and employees can not be held responsible for the actions of its customers. 

As per stated in our Terms & Conditions, liability is transferred to the customers/recipient once an order leaves our warehouse. Should your parcel be stopped by customs because of its contents, Online-scales cannot be held liable. 


Online-scales declares that the Dutch law on Purchasing on Distance applies on the General (Delivery) Conditions 

Article 1 
These supply conditions are applicable on all offers and/or on agreements made by Online-scales with third parties. Disclosure of these conditions can occur e.g. handing a copy of the conditions to a third party in advance, by a note on these condition on the offer letter, price lists, Internet site or order confirmation Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the supply conditions are to have been accepted by involved parties. There is an agreement considered from the moment the purchaser orders the service or goods form the seller and services or goods are paid.

 Article 2 - products, materials’ and durability:
The products of Online-scales are handpicked, fresh and living materials as well as several types of decoration materials. Because of the use of fresh (living) material durability is limited. Online-scales does not guarantee the durability of its products and waves responsibility.

 Article 3 - Offers:
All offers by or on behalf of Online-scales orally or in pricelists, Internet, magazines or papers, periodicals, notices, letters, and e-mails concerning prices, tenders, delivery deadlines etc. are never engaging and forOnline-scales in absolutely no manner binding, unless explicitly differently mentioned. Changes of the original offer or agreement, of whatever nature, in writing or orally by or on behalf of any counterpart made that can cause higher costs then originally agreed, can be extra invoiced by Online-scales to the counterpart involved. 

Article 4 - Delivery period:
Agreed supply periods will be respected by Online-scales as much as possible. In case of no timely delivery, Online-scales cannot be held responsible and does not cancel the agreement. Online-scales is not responsible for possible damage at the buyer as a result of not providing. Superior Forces:

In case of no supply because of superior forces within 48 hours after the agreed delivery date, Online-scales will inform the purchaser as soon as possible by e-mail or Chat with written confirmation, this without any payment of damages caused.

In case of superior forces, Online-scales can cancel or suspend the agreement or supply, until - after consultation with the purchaser - the superior forces situation ends. If in case delay of delivery due to superior forces with more than ten days, the purchaser may dissolve the purchase contract in writing.

As superior forces are considered e.g.:
- Late or qualitatively unacceptable supply of one or more subcontracting companies;
- Measures by the government
- Strike of post delivery
- Stagnation of Internet and/or phone connections. 

Article 5 - Delivery:
The supply is always delivered to the address of the purchaser. Possible insurance costs are at the expense of the purchaser. 

Article 6 - packing and transport:
Online-scales has the right to charge the costs of transport on top of the sales price. 

Article 7 - complaints:
The products provided must satisfy the normal applicable quality norms of the concerning products. Complaints concerning visible lacks to provided products must be reported directly after observation or at least within 24 hours after receiving the product, by e-mail or Chat to Online-scales

Complaints, which are related to a certain delivery, exert no influence on preceding or later supplies and give to no right to refuse payment for the concerning or later supply. 

Article 8 - applied law:
On all agreements on which these conditions are related, entirely or partially, Dutch law applies. All disputes concerning established agreements between Online-scales and a purchaser abroad can be decided by the Dutch judge, who is competent the geographical jurisdiction in which Online-scales is established.

Article 9 - Return policy:
You want to return a product back to us. Look at our return policy for full details regarding your rights to return.

Article 10 - final provision:
In all cases, which are not foreseen in these conditions, Dutch law applies. 

All illustrations, pictures, design, text and logos on this website are copyrighted. Any commercial use of any of these contents is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Online-scales.



If you have not yet paid for a product, it is not necessary for you to action an order cancellation. If your order has not been processed for shipping we will not charge for the cancellation. Should you need to make a cancellation subsequent to payment, please contact our Customer Service department immediately.

Ensuring the integrity and quality of our products whilst in transit to you is of utmost importance to us. However, we assure a full money-back guarantee, which includes shipping costs in the event that your goods arrive in any way damaged. Please contact our customer service department immediately in this regard. 

Cooling-off period

If any of the products you order from us do not meet your preferred level of satisfaction, you are welcome to send it back to us within 14 days upon receiving it.

Please read the product-specific disclaimers and exclusions below: 

Attention: It is imperative that you contact our customer services prior to returning a product to us. 

Returns conditions

  • Please ensure that all fragile products are appropriately secured for transport. We do not accept liability for any state that the product might be returned in, other than how it was originally sold.

  • Any products intended for return will only be accepted if undamaged, clean and complete. Furthermore, we prefer to accept returns that are complete with their packaging intact, where possible.

  • All postal fees must be paid for in full before we can accept and process the return.


Important: For reasons including hygiene and health we cannot accept (within certain cases only) the returns of used vaporizers.


A confirmation email will be sent to you following the approval of your return. Once approved, we will then send a new product or replacement as soon as possible. Similarly, you can opt for a money refund, which is subject to the completion of an electronic returns form.


Return costs

Shipping costs payable by you are only applicable when taking advantage of the 14-day cool-off period. Online scales will cover the costs in the event of broken goods being delivered. Should a returns procedure take a considerable amount of time, it may then be subject to a handling fee.

Please note: The right of refund expires after a 31-day period.