Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds is a world renowned marijuana genetics company that has been producing the best seeds at great prices. Sumo seeds are high quality and easy to grow, ensuring a fruitful growing and a pleasant smoking experience. Set yourself up for success and order from my planet of sure grow sumo seeds now!

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Blueberry | 5 seeds

DescriptionAfter a long hike from the 1970's to the present, the Blueberry Cannabis Strain has final..

DR.Herrer | 5 seeds -67%

DR.Herrer | 5 seeds

DescriptionWe have recently added a brand new cannabis strain to our collection, DR. Jack cannabis. ..

45.00€ 15.00€
Tropical Dutch | 5 Seeds -62%

Tropical Dutch | 5 Seeds

DescriptionOur new Tropical Dutch cannabis strain is a mix between Mexican Haze, Princess, Shiva Sk..

39.50€ 15.00€

AK Full Auto | Autoflower | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Type: 50% indica 40% sativa 10% Ruderalis Genetic Background: Ultimate AK X Ruderalis Flowering t..


Amnesia Ganja Haze Auto | Autoflower | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Type: 10% indica 60% sativa 30% Ruderalis Genetic Background: Amnesia Ganja haze X Ruderalis ..


Amnesia Ganja Haze | Regular |Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Type: 20% indica 80% sativa Genetic Background: Amnesia Haze X Silver Buddha haze Flowering time:..


Amnesia Ganja Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Amnesia Ganja Haze feminized cannabis seedsAmnesia Haze is probably one of the most known and f..


Appleberry | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Appleberry feminized cannabis seedsWe happy and proud to announce our high yielding Appleberry ..


Berries & Cheese | Sumo Seeds

Berries & Cheese feminized cannabis seeds Everybody knows the Dutch are famous because of thei..


Blue Nitro Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Blue nitro haze feminized cannabis seedsOutdoor cultivation in colder environments is no longer ..


Cali Gangsta Kush | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Cali Gangsta Kush feminized cannabis seedsWe created the Cali Gangsta Kush by crossbreeding the ..


CBD Cherry Kush | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

CBD Cherry Kush Feminized Cannabis SeedsA great tasting CBD strain. The CBD cherry Kush makes u..


CBD Kong's Kush | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

CBD Kong's Kush feminized Cannabis SeedsNow King Kong has its own cannabis strain named after hi..


Cold Thunder | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Cold thunder feminized cannabis seedsCold Thunder is the answer for all outdoor growers in colde..


Critical Chronic Auto | Autoflower | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Type: 60% indica 20% sativa 20% Ruderalis Genetic Background:  Critical chronic X ruderalis ..