Psychedelic formulas

Psychedelic formulas

Psychedelic Formulas

For ages psychedelic drugs are used for many reasons. Well-known psychedelics like magic mushrooms, mescaline, DMT, magic truffles and LSA are used for recreational purposes as well as medicinal or spiritual ceremonies. One of the most famous psychedelic drug is LSD. Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first discovered LSD and researched it for medicinal purposes. LSD effects are very powerful and will give the user numerous visual hallucinations. Unfortunately LSD is forbidden in all countries. Smart shops offer different psychedelic formulas which all contain natural psychedelics. Most of the ingredients in the formulas are LSA based products like morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose. Psychedelic is composed  of the greek words (ψυχή) which means “spirit” and (δηλοῦν) what translate into “reveal”. If your mind perceives things in an unnatural way this is called a psychedelic experience.
In our psychedelic formulas category you will find different formulas which will give the user a pleasant psychedelic experience. Like earlier mentioned most of the formulas are based on LSA and is less powerful for example magic mushrooms or mescaline.

Psychedelic formulas effects

The effects can be related to a dreamy state of mind with powerful colors, change in perception, altered state of consciousness. Always check the products specifications for the right dosage.
Most psychedelic formulas are in capsule form. 30-45 minutes after consuming the capsules the user will start the psychedelic trip. The effects will last between 3-6 hours depending on the users metabolism and dosage.

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Druids Fantasy | 6 caps

DescriptionThe Druids fantasy green pills contain morning glory powder that is crushed form their se..

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Space E | Happy Caps | 4 caps

DescriptionSpace E is a cap that will give you that little boost of energy that you've been craving ..

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Special E | Happy Caps | 4 caps

Special-E induces a mild psychotropic and physically relaxing effect. The blissful, heightened state..

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Trip E | Happy Caps | 4 caps -10%

Trip E | Happy Caps | 4 caps

DescriptionThe Trip E caps from Happy cap expends your consciousness and provides you of a nice trip..

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Kryptonite | 3 caps

DescriptionThe Kryptonite caps are green caps filled with an awesome psychedelic dance formula which..

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Kryptonite | 6 caps

DescriptionThe Kryptonite caps are green caps filled with an awesome psychedelic dance formula which..

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