Herbs of the Gods

Herbs of the Gods

Herbs of the gods is the market leader in herbs from all over the world. They offer a variety of herbs into four categories; energy, love, psychedelic and relax. Each herb has its own specific effect and method of preparation. Nature has givin us numerous herbs to enjoy from. In parts of South America, Africa and Southeast Asia the use of herbs is very popular to remedy ailments or as a recreational product. Now, these herbs are also available for our customers. Herbs of the gods repeatedly checks the quality of their products so you are assured of high quality plant material. In most cases you consume the herb as a tea. Certain herbs can also be smoked.

These herbs pep you up after a hard day or heavy period. The herbs give the user extra energy on a natural basis. Guarana, ginkgo biloba and yerba mate are very popular products that work extremely well.

Increase your libido or make the sex more intense and livelier through the love herbs. The herbs ensure that the blood supply to the genitals is enlarged which touch gives more pleasure. Damiana, maca and muira puama have been the best seller

These herbs are not for beginners! As the category already are reporting this psychedelic herbs. The herbs are used to make ayahuasca. Want to know more about ayahuasca please visit our ayahuasca category.

Looking for a cannabis substitute? Try the different relaxation herbs. They can also be added to a joint for an additional sensation. Blue lotus, Marihuanilla, passionflower and valerian are known herbs that are used all over the world to relax.