Magic Herbs

Magic Herbs

There are numerous 'magic' herbs throughout the world with their own strengths and effect. In many cases, herbs are used as an alternative medicine for the well-known chemical drugs. Although the herbs frequently used as a medicine for various ailments, there are also plenty of leisure applications. The big advantage is that they can often be used daily without any side effects. Of course don't exceed the recommended daily amount. We distinguish the herbs into four main categories namely; energy, love, relax and trip.

Energy: Increase your energy level after a heavy or tiring day. Guarana is an energizer known but there are also plenty of other unknown herbs that give you an energy boost such as yerba mate, betel nut and ginkgo biloba.

Love: There are several herbs that act as an aphrodisiac. These herbs increase libido or make the sex more vivid and ensure that the genitals become more sensitive to touch. This effect is usually achieved in that the blood supply is enhanced. Well-known herbs are: maca, damiana, muira puama

Relax: These are herbs that give you a relaxed feeling. Usually these herbs are also used as alternatives to cannabis should be noted though that the effect is lighter than marijuana. Well-known herbs: passionflower, Tranquilitea, Wildl ettuce, marihuanilla and valerian.

Trip: These herbs are not beginners. The herbs that we offer are used to make ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a psychedelic beverage that is commonly consumed in South America by the shamans. Want to know more about ayahuasca and its effects visit our information pages or go to the category of ayahuasca.

In our assortment we sell two brands herbs; Three oak and herbs Herbs of the god. If you have several plants as ephedra, opium, peyote etc will grow browse our category breeding seeds.