Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts are gaining much popularity of it's powerful effects. Nature offers lot of herbs with all their own effects. To give the user that little extra we offer different extracts. Herbal extracts are products that are more powerfull than the normal herb. A extract is a substance made by extracting the active compounds in a herb. The extraction is either in liquid (tincture) or in a dry powdered form. Often seen on packages are 5x, 10x or higher. In short this explains how powerful the herbal extract is. The higher the value the more powerful the extract. Check each extract for it's effects and usage. 

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Absinthe | 10X Extract | 5 gr

Absinthe drinkAbsinthe Extract can make the very best tea beverage. This product creates t..


Passion Flower | 5X Extract | 5 gr

DescriptionWith pleasant tranquilizing effects, you'll be rid of stress in no time, and if you're ha..


Sinicuichi | 10X Extract | 3 gr

DescriptionUse Sinicuichi extract when you have a need for a very pleasant, yet natural muscle pain ..


Wild dagga | 20 extract | 1 gr

DescriptionWild Dagga is an all-natural psychoactive with a mild soothing effect that leaves you cal..


Wild Lettuce | 10X Extract | 5 gr

DescriptionWild Lettuce calms down and relaxes. The effects are similar to opium, but milder and it ..


Bay Bean (Canavalia maritima) | extract 25x | 3 g

DescriptionThe sacred Bay Bean was mainly used as an entheogen in Mexican rituals. Other names for ..

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) | extract 20x | 1 g -12%

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) | extract 20x | 1 g

DescriptionBlue Lotus is also known as Blue water lily or Egyptian lotus. Blue lotus has a narcotic..

9.00€ 7.95€

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) | resin 20x | 1 g

DescriptionBlue Lotus, also called blue water lily or Egyptian lotus. Blue Lotus has a narcotic and..


Dream herb (Calea zacatechichi) | extract 10X | 1 gr

DescriptionDream Herb ensures you a vivid and intense dream-like state of consciousness. This is a ..


Leonotis leonorus | extract 20x | 1 g

DescriptionLeonotis leonurus isbetter known as Wild Dagga and it offers the user a sedative and euph..


Marihuanilla (Leonurus sibiricus) | extract 25X | 3 g

DescriptionIn South America and Mexico the Leonurus Sibiricus plant is also called "marihuanilla" .I..


Wormwood (Alsem) | extract 10x | 5 gr

DescriptionWormwood is the main ingredient of the legendary drink absinthe. This drink was put on th..


Butea superba | extract 25x | 10 gr

DescriptionButea superba is an herb native to Thailand. It is used by men as a potent herbal virilit..


Damiana | 10x extract | 5 gram

DescriptionDamiana has a relaxing effect, gives a euphoric high and is a gentle but very effective a..


Maconha Brava (Zornia latifolia) | extract 25x | 3 g

DescriptionMaconha brava occurs in South America andWest-India, the herb is known by different names..