Dream Herb

Dream Herb

Dream Herbs help induce lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are dreams that are perceived as very vivid by the dreamer and where the dreamer in some cases can affect what happening in the dream. In some cultures, lucid dreaming is seen as a way to get in touch with the spirits of ancestors. The spirit leaves your body and is free to travel to another level of consciousness. There are several techniques that can help you with lucid dreams. Often the techniques are obtained through exercises but are not as easy for a novice dreamer. Dream Herbs like african dream root, calea zacatechichi, Entada rheedii ensure that even novice users can easily induce lucid dreams. Yet it requires some practice before the user can influence his dreams.

How does dream herb:
How the dream herb exactly works is still a mystery. Users are reporting that the dream herbs help in remembering the dream and are able to induce lucid dreams faster. Our advice if you want to start with the dream herbs and lucid dreaming is that you keep a dream diary. After your dream write down what you dreamed about. Because you write down your dreams every day, you will learn yourself to remember your own dreams thereforeyou will be faster aware when you are dreaming. After a few weeks or even days after you will notice that your "dream memory" improved and that you probably already can guide your dreams. The traditional way to consume dream herbs is by chewing on the herbs. Most users find that making a tea out of the dream herbs improve the effects. Often the herbs have a bitter taste, making it difficult to drink it. Kirkii has a fairly neutral flavor which makes it easier to consume. Dream herbs works different  for everyone. Some users notice effect after their first taking while others need several days to get the same effect.

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African dream root | 5 gr -30%

African dream root | 5 gr

DescriptionThis herb, also known scientifically as Silene Capensis, is native to South Africa’s East..

11.50€ 8.00€
Ex Tax: 7.55€

Devil's Claw | Harpagophytum Procumbens | powder | 5 gr

DescriptionDevil's claw is an authentic cure-all herb, brought from Africa and has long been known a..

Ex Tax: 7.08€

Entada Rheedii | 1 seed

DescriptionThe Entada rheedii seeds are known as African Dream Herb. The large, flat seeds are sprea..

Ex Tax: 5.61€

Kirkii | Synaptolepis Kirkii | 3 gr

DescriptionSynaptolepis Kirkii is a shrub form of plant life which possesses very white roots. The ..

Ex Tax: 6.60€

Ubhubhubhu | Helinus integrifolius | powder | 10 gr

DescriptionUbhubhubhu is filled to abundance with a substance called saponin. This substance is a co..

Ex Tax: 6.56€

Uzara | Xysmalobium Undulatum | 2 gr

DescriptionAnother herb that is well known for its dream inducing qualities is Uzara. While Uzara is..

Ex Tax: 6.13€

Dream herb (Calea zacatechichi) | extract 10X | 1 gr

DescriptionDream Herb ensures you a vivid and intense dream-like state of consciousness. This is a ..

Ex Tax: 10.85€