Ayahuasca | DMT | La purga

Ayahuasca | DMT | La purga

Ayahuasca drink

Warning: Drinking ayahuasca unaccompanied is not advisable because of the unpredictable effects of the drink. Because of the MAO inhibitors drinking ayahuasca can be dangerous! Please inform yourself before using it!

Ayahuasca is a drink from South america and is known for its hallucinogenic effects. A well-known nickname for ayahuasca is ‘La purga’ because users often vomit or sometimes suffers from diarrhea during the intense ayahuasca trip or vision. Other names are yagé, hoasca or caapi. The history of ayahuasca dates back at least two millennia ago. Native inhabitants from South America used ayahuasca during their spiritual ayahuasca ceremonies. The considered it as the most important medicine of the jungle. In their native language (Quechua) ayahuasca is spelled ayawaska. Translated into English aya means soul, spirit, dead body or corpse. Waska translate into rope, woody vine or liana. Waska refers to Banisteriopsis caapi which is a main ingredient in la purga. 

What is ayahuasca

​​Ayahuasca drink or yage is a very powerful psychedelic brew used in traditional spiritual ceremonies. The main ingredient is of the ayahuasca drink is Banisteriopsis caapi which is a vine that grows in South America. It is a MAO inhibitor and it will allow the psychoactive compound called DMT to be orally active. Other ingredients for making ayahuasca are plants which contain DMT. A well-known and often used second ingredient is Psychotria viridis. Normally when a user only drinks psychotria viridis the DMT compounds will not reach the brains. DMT will be broken down in the stomach and liver because of the enzymes called MAO (monoamine oxidase). Therefore brewers of ayahuasca use a MAO inhibitor to cancel out the this effect so that DMT can reach the brain and give the user the psychedelic effects. The color of the ayahuasca drink is brownish/red and has a very pungent bitter taste. There are different recipes for ayahuasca with all of their own ingredients but always include a MAO inhibithor with DMT baring plants.

Ayahuasca drink effects

The effects are not similar to magic mushrooms or LSA. The best way to describe the trip is sitting on a therapist couch and god is your therapist. Users often use ayahuasca drink to get into a higher spiritual dimension or even rebirth. The first effects are very unpleasant. Users become dizzy and nauseous and often vomit during the first hour(s) of the trip. After this the user will go into the hallucinating part of the ayahuasca trip. The hallucinations cannot be taken lightly. Users report seeing fast moving images in extremely bright colors. Most users experience a mystical and religious feeling and even being in contact with “alien beings” who act as a guide in the spiritual trip.  The trip can last o total of 12 hours. During the first 6 hours the hallucinations are the heaviest, the after effects can last up to 8 hours.

Tips for using ayahuasca

​If you are looking for a nice and fun trip don’t try ayahuasca. Users often try ayahuasca for spiritual exploration instead of having a fun tripping night. It is not advisable to drink ayawaska on your own because of the heavy psychedelic effects. There are numerous ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies who can advise and guide you before, during and after the trip. Another risk are the MAO inhibitors. In combination with other drugs, certain medicine and food the MAO inhibitors can be very dangerous for your health. Read our MAO inhibitor information about hazardous foods and drugs which cannot combined with ayahuasca drink.  


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