Drug Test Cleaner

Drug Test Cleaner

What are drugs cleaners?
Drug cleaners help your body cleanse after the use of drugs like ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol. After using drugs your body is full of waste. Our bodysystem will detox the harmfull waste itself.  In order to speed up this process, detox, there are now drugs cleaners on the market. The cleaners ensure that the waste quickly leave your body and fill the shortage of vitamins again. It helps you feel fresh and fruity faster. Most products we offer are a great help to detox from chemical drugs. Unfortunately, removing cannabis from the body is quite difficult. Cannabis can be found namely one week to one month after use in the body. Cannabis or rather the THC is absorbed by adipose tissue. Because it is more and THC will be issued in the fatty tissue in the blood. Unfortunately, there is no products to clean all traces of THC. Through drink plenty of water and intensive exercise can cause THC to leave your body faster.

Drugs Cleaners:
Below is a list of products that help eliminate waste in your body.
Paraxine: Ensures that alcohol is broken resulting in a less severe hangover
After E: Use this product after using Ecstasy
After C: Use this product after using cocaine
Cobeco Quick Flush: A general detoxer for cleaning the body
Open your eyes: Removes the red eye's after using cannabis.

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Cobeco Quick Flush | 30 caps

DescriptionWhen you're going to have to give a urine sample for drug testing, and you're certain tha..

Ex Tax: 22.64€

CleanUrin 100% synthetic urine | 80ml | (refill for penis)

DescriptionThis synthetic urine is a refill for the "Penis" we sell, you can use the synthetic urine..

Ex Tax: 41.28€

Screeny Weeny | Silicone penis with special valve

DescriptionIt's difficult to pull off a fake drug urinalysis test. Screeny Weeny is a kit that assi..

Ex Tax: 148.72€

After C | 4 caps

DescriptionAfter the use of cocaine or speed your body feels down and exhausted. After C helps you t..

Ex Tax: 2.78€

After E | 4 caps

DescriptionFor those of us who indulge periodically the use of XTC, we all know how it can feel when..

Ex Tax: 2.78€

Open Your Eyes | 15 ml

Open your eyesWhen your eyes end up red, burning, and irritated it makes it hard to work, and it mak..

Ex Tax: 7.85€