Smart shop

psychedelic Truffles, Magic Mushrooms Growkits, Salvia, Kratom, Kanna, Ayahuasca, spore syrings, Aphrodisiacs and many more psychedelic or herbal products are available for you in our smartshop section

​What is a smart shop

​Often Smart shops are mistaken for head shops. Smart shops offer "smart drugs" while head shop sell smoke related products. Most of the time these two shops are combined. In our smartshop you can find numerous products which are known for their mind enhancing effects. Products like Salvia divinorum, kratom extracts, Lsa seeds, trippy Mushrooms, herbal extracts and mescaline cacti and magic- and dreamherbs are wellknown around the world for their psychedelic effects. We also offer different kind of energizers and health supplements which are commonly known as smart drugs. And then we have a range of drugtests that will help you control your choice of substance for your own safety. Don’t forget the aphrodisiacs, which can enhance and improve your sexlife. Our smartshop also offers the opportunity to grow your own, for instance the Magic Mushroom growkits and spore syringsCheck our online smart shop now!