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Simon's Choice

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Catmint | Nepeta cataria | 80 g

CatmintCatmint is a tastefull herb that gives you a nice and relaxed feeling, this product can be co..

€7.50 Ex Tax: €7.08

Lazy ice | 5 seeds -50%

Lazy ice | 5 seeds

DescriptionSumo Seeds is proud to offer Lazy Ice, an indica-dominant hybrid of White Widow and Nort..

€49.50 €24.75 Ex Tax: €20.45

Marihuanilla | Leonurus sibiricus | 20 g

DescriptionLeonurus Sibiricus also known as Siberian Motherwort makes a nice tea that will relax you..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €8.02

Passionflower | Passiflora incarnata | 80 g

Passionflower Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is a beautiful plant that contains harmine a..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €8.02

Aphrodite mix | 50 g

Aphrodite mixThere aren’t a lot of aphrodisiacs out there that increase sexual drive while getting..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €11.79

Greengo King Size Slim paper 2in1

DescriptionGREENGO 2 in 1 Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers & Filter Tips are held together in 1 pack to ..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

Urban Wraps Papers

Urban Wraps PapersUrban wraps were created by the founder of Raw in 1999. Urban Wraps 1 1/2 rolling ..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.61

Wood box with Cannabis leaf | 12,5x18cm

DescriptionIf you value premium quality, you will love this beautifully designed box. Never store yo..

€22.95 Ex Tax: €18.97

AK-47 bong | zombiechaser | glass | 50 cm

DescriptionAs a peace-pipe, this 'Zombie Chaser' Machine Bong with Kickhole is guaranteed to be a ma..

€54.95 Ex Tax: €45.41

Calima | Pepita | Used in Episode # 66 -23%

Calima | Pepita | Used in Episode # 66

Description Calima Simon MokerThis product is used once in the 66 th episode of Smartheads TV by Sim..

€129.00 €99.95 Ex Tax: €82.60

Crafty vaporizer

Crafty vaporizerThe Crafty's compact construction with a single Lithium-Ion Battery Power is complem..

€298.00 Ex Tax: €246.28


DabstormThe Dabstorm is not suitable for dry herbs or e-liquids, but is intended only for oil and co..

€69.00 Ex Tax: €57.02

Dance E | Happy Caps | 4 caps

Dance-EDance E is the most potent of all Happy Caps energizers. This formula will bring you into a l..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €8.96

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Dr. Dabber GhostThe Ghost is not suitable for herbs or e-liquids, but can only be used for oils and ..

€99.95 Ex Tax: €82.60

gas mask bong | skull | pink

DescriptionWith this awesome gas mask bong you can smoke while you got your hands free for other thi..

€29.95 Ex Tax: €24.75

Grace Glass Dabs Glow in the dark Silicone Jar Ø:40mm

DescriptionThis silicone jar of 40mm diameter is a useful accessory for your smoking kit. It is a 10..

€5.00 Ex Tax: €4.13

Muad Dib | Magic Flight | Used in Episode # 64 -23%

Muad Dib | Magic Flight | Used in Episode # 64

Description Muad Dib Simon MokerThis product is used once in the 64 th episode of Smarthea..

€155.00 €119.00 Ex Tax: €98.35

Nectar Collector Set | Used in Episode # 116 -24%

Nectar Collector Set | Used in Episode # 116

Description Nectar Collector Set Simon MokerThis product is used once in the 116 th episod..

€85.00 €65.00 Ex Tax: €53.72

Raw box | wood | 129x58x86 mm

DescriptionThe new Raw Wood Box is the best way to keep your Raw products together, With its magneti..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Raw Organic Connoisseur Kingsize Slim

DescriptionRAW Natural Unbleached Rolling Papers are a purer and less processed rolling paper unlike..

€2.25 Ex Tax: €1.86