Silver Buddha Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Silver Buddha Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Silver Buddha Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Silver Buddha Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Silver Buddha Haze will get you connected to your inner self.  With a clear sativa high, you will be in peace while enjoying a nice stoned body buzz. A favorite among haze lovers. This is a cannabis strain you must share among your friends. A real social smoke to start having conversations when surrounded with your friends. With genetics from Super Silver Haze ( Haze x Skunk #1 genetics) and a very potent Super Lemon Haze ( Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk), we managed to create a very stable haze strain with a very potent effect. A nice strain to enjoy a night at home with your friends.
She tends to stretch a bit so make sure she has enough room to grow. Because of her Indica genetics her harvest is higher than the average haze strain. There a little to none variations between the phenotypes.

Type: 30% indica 70% sativa
Genetic Background: Super Silver Haze x Super Lemon Haze
Flowering time: 10/11 weeks
Harvest month:  march-mid October
Zone outdoor: C
Height Indoor: 120 -150cm 
Height Outdoor: 200 – 250 cm
Yield Indoor: 450-500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 650-750 gr
Effect: Clear high, stoned buzz 
taste: Earthy/musk, citrus
THC: high
CBD: low

Flowering time and appearance
Silver Buddha Haze has an indoor flowering time between 10 to 11 weeks which is quite normal for a Sativa dominant strain. She has the tendency to stretch so make sure to give her enough space in height. Outdoors this Haze strain can reach a height of 200-250 cm and will be ready to harvest mid-October in warmer and sunny climates. She has an typical Sativa phenotype with long narrow leafs and a light green color.

Yield indoor/outdoor
We added some Indica genetics to boost her yield. Indoors you can expect a yield between 450 to 500 g/m2. She will from long shapes buds with very potent pungent flowers. Outdoors in sunny climates you can achieve a harvest of 450-600 grams per plant. Putting her directly in the soil will increase her overall yield.

Effect + THC + CBD
A nice clear Sativa high with a relaxing body buzz. After the first hit you will get a burst of energy throughout your body giving the user a feeling of content and relaxation. The THC potency is high whilst the CBD value is low. Great as self-medication for Headaches, migraines and anxiety during daytime.

Taste and odor
A true haze aroma with hints of fruit. It’s a very pungent haze strain. 

TypeSativa Dominant
Flowering timeLong
Yield indoorHigh
Height indoorHigh
Yield outdoorHigh
Height outdoorSuper high
Harvest month outdoorOctober

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