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Berries & Cheese | Sumo Seeds

Berries & Cheese | Sumo Seeds

Berries & Cheese feminized cannabis seeds
Everybody knows the Dutch are famous because of their cheese.. Sumo Seeds is happy to announce our own version namely Berries and Cheese. Our berries & Cheese is a crossbred between our Dutch Cheese ( Master Skunk X Cheese) with potent sweettasting Blueberry we found ( Mexico, Thailand and Afghani genetics). This resulted in a very sweet tasting cannabis strain with hints of cheese. Blueberry originated in the USA and became very popular because of its aroma and looks. Cheese originated in the UK and is known for its very pungent odor. We successfully combined both popular cannabis strains and created the Berries and Cheese for the real cannaseur!
Her phenotype appearance is small and with short internodes. She will form a very compact/dense main cola. A true delicacy in our collection of feminized cannabis seeds. If you are looking for a really tasteful cannabis strain you might want to consider giving Berries & Cheese a try, we assure that you won’t be disappointed by its aroma’s and taste. The effects are powerful and gives a pleasant feeling after a hard day of work. When growing indoors you might want to consider an odor control cause this strain smells a lot!

Type: 70% indica 30% sativa
Genetic Background: Dutch cheese X Blueberry  
Flowering time: 8/9 weeks
Harvest month:  march-October
Zone outdoor: B,C
Height Indoor: 60 -70cm 
Height Outdoor: 90 – 130 cm
Yield Indoor: 400-450 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 600-650 gr/pp
Effect: Indica stoned body relaxing
Taste: Fruity/berry, cheese
THC: high
CBD: medium

Flowering time and appearance
The indoor flowering time of Berries & Cheese is between 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoors she will be ready to harvest in the beginning of October. Berries & Cheese has a classical Indica look. She will grow small and stocky with substantial side branches.  The buds are very compact and filled with potent shiny resin. Because of her Blueberry lineage she will turn blueish in the last weeks of flowering.

Yield indoor/outdoor
Although Berries & Cheese is a small cannabis strain, her harvest is very good. With some care you can achieve an indoor harvest between 400 to 450g/m2. When grown outdoors in sunny area’s you can count on a yield between 600-650 gr/pp.

Effect |THC | CBD
Berries & Cheese will give you a nice body stoned feeling with a strong high. With a high THC level and a medium level CBD she is an ideal medical strain for pain relief. 

Taste and odor
Her aroma has a distinctive cheese odor with hints of berries. The cheese taste will be immediately noticed when consuming our Berries & Cheese. 

TypeIndica Dominant
Flowering timeMedium
Yield indoorMedium
Height indoorSmall
Yield outdoorMedium
Height outdoorMedium
Harvest month outdooroctober

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