Pay with credit card

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay by credit card because credit card companies do not accept us. Unfortunately, not everyone is as open minded as us. But we refuse to simply accept this fact. There is still a possibility to pay by credit card. Below we provide some options to use your credit card.

Trough our partner website, it is possible to pay with an European credit card. Unfortunately, on Bud Bandits it is not possible to buy smart products. For all other products, visit

Pay with Bitcoins
Bitcoins is an ideal paymentmethod to shop anonymously and safely. Several customers already use bitcoins to pay for their order.
Here are some websites where you can easily buy bitcoins with your credit card which you can use to complete your payment in our webshop.

More info about bitcoins

Here you can buy bitcoins with your credit card

To reward you for the extra effort you will receive extra gifts to your order.