Dabbing bongs

Dabbing bongs

What are dab bongs

Dab bongs or oil bongs are bongs to smoke BHO, cannabis extract. Oil bongs are specifically designed for smoking dabs. The big difference between oil, dab bongs and herb bongs is that oil bongs have an oil rig system which contains an oil nail. There are many different oil bongs on the market nowadays. You can choose oil bongs with crystal, ceramic or titanium oil nails. Titanium is more popular because it's easier and faster to heat up. If you want an oil bong that also is suitable for smoking herbs you can either buy a two-way oil bong or you can make your own herb bong into a special oil bong by buying the oil bong parts separately. 

What you'll need to get started

  • Dab/oil rig bong
  • Dabber (titanium, stainless steel)
  • Hand torch
  • Nail ( titanium, crystal, ceramic, stainless steel)
  • Water

How to use dab bongs

It may look very complex but in fact using a dab bong isn't difficult if you have the right set-up. Just like a normal bong you fill up the chamber with water. The big difference from a dab bong and normal bong is how to "fire" it up. With a normal bong you light up the cannabis in the bong bowl to take hits. With a dab bong you heat up the dab nail and you place your wax/BHO/ shatter onto the nail. Because of the heat the wax will evaporate inmediatley
The oil nail is a very important key element of the dab bong. You can choose from 4 different oil nails. Titanium, crystal, ceramic and stainless steel. Titanium is the best material to heat up and contain the heat. Crystal nails are cheaper but takes some time to heat up and in some cases they can shatter. If you want a more low budget you can choose the stainless steel oil nails. 

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