Kratom Maeng Da | shredded | 10 gr

-50% Out Of Stock Kratom Maeng Da | shredded | 10 gr

Kratom Maeng Da | shredded | 10 gr


Maeng Da Kratom is a variant of that high quality hand selected on strength. It has a powerful stimulating effect even in small dosesof less than 1 gram.
The effects of Kratom aremainly stimulating(at low doses), relaxing (at higher doses) and give a euphoric feeling.
The effect startswithin 10 minutes and can last for several hours.

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The recommendend dosage is 1 tot 2 grams. The powder can be mixed with yoghurt or a milkshake. The shredded leaves can be used to make a tea or eaten directly. Effects become noticeable quickly and last for several hours.

10 g


Do not use if you are younger than 18 years.
Do not use smart products during pregnancy.
Caution with emotional or psychological problems because the use of psychedelics can trigger these problems.
Caution with use of medication and alcohol, if in doubt consult your doctor.
Do not operate heavy machinery. Do not participate in traffic.
Always consult a doctor when in doubt about the condition of your health before or after the use of smart products.

Focus Planet cannot be held responsible for any consequences, damages and injuries.

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