Joyetech 510-T Cartridge Black 1x5 pcs

-49% Joyetech 510-T Cartridge Black 1x5 pcs

Joyetech 510-T Cartridge Black 1x5 pcs


As the description makes clear, these cartridges last a while. A long while. Joyetech products epitomize: monetary value. It makes more sense to purchase a product or products that will last you awhile rather than packs of cigarettes, which run out multiple times a week. For this quality, you’re not going to find many 5-cartridge packs for such low price. You’re just not, not at this quality. With Joyetech, you know you’re getting something quality, something good that will last you a while and satisfy your urges.

Additional Info


  • Joyetech 510- T Cartridge Black pcs 1x5
  • Offers up to five times the additional opportunity
  • Refill cartridges for Joyetech 510- T electronic cigarette
  • You can fill these empty cartridges in advance with your favorite flavor and strength e -liquid
  • Advisable to replace regularly
  • A cartridge that is often used can damage your atomizer
  • To optimally continue to enjoy your e-cigarette is therefore advisable to renew regularly
  • Ultimate and continuous usability
  • Consists of a sturdy package with refillable cartridges for added convenience and optimum use of Joyetech 510- T electronic cigarette
  • The cartridges are largely transparent
  • Large capacity per cartridge
  • The cartridges each have a volume of 0.7 ml
  • Use Joyetech 510- T Cartridge Black 1x5 pcs only in combination with 510-T Atomizers
  • Refill e -cigarette
  • Refill cartridge for e -cigarette
  • Brand : Joyetech
  • Model : 510-T Joyetech
  • Length : 35mm
  • Weight: 1g
  • Cylindrical
  • Filling: to 0.55 ml e -cigarette liquid ( fill up 3/4 )
  • Color : Black
  • NOTE : These are empty cartridges , without e-liquid refill !

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