How to make dab

There are several ways to make DAB / BHO / hash oil. Below we explain some of them.


BHO extraction

A BHO extraction is made by pushing liquid butane gas along cannabis flower tops in an extraction pipe or extraction machine. Here, by letting the active ingredients of the cannabis plant separately from the plant material. The plant material can be fresh or dried, in practice, one learns that fresh material often yields a brighter end product. The liquefied butane gas now contains the cannabis extract. In order to keep only the concentrate, the mixture of butane and extract are heated. This is normally done by use of 'o bain marie', or the placement of the butane blend in a glass bowl with a bowl as in boiling water or more professionally by means of a sublimation oven or vacuum oven. The 'o bain marie "method releases during this process an extremely flammable gas, therefore at all times: do this outside . When a oven is used to this can be done inside.

When the big bubbles are out of the butane, the mixture is ready to be scraped together and can the process to remove the last traces of butane can be started. This process is called "purging" and become generally done by heating the concentrate to a silicone pad for 48-72 hours on an electronic heat plate (e.g. gourmet). Tiny bubbles will be visible, these are the last remnants of butane. When it stops bubbling, the extract is ready for consumption. (When using an oven this process is not necessary)

Nowadays, there are specialized extraction machines and to obtain vacuum furnaces for this process, however, these are currently being mainly used by American dispensaries for the manufacture of medical grade cannabis concentrate.

CO2 extraction

CO2 extraction is made by pushing CO2 gas at high pressure along to let cannabis flower-buds or cutting waste to flow by means of an extraction machine (about 1078 PSI). This machine works about the same as the BHO process. The CO2 gas must be "Super Critical ', this is said that the pressure is so high that the gas is liquefied. However, this is not necessary, nor 'Supercritical' gas extracts the active ingredients out there but do not all substances properly. Here, there may be less by terpenes or cannabinoids are taken up by the CO2. The oil or wax which is the end product comes out of the machine containing much less impurities as a BHO extraction. In America this method gets considered as the most secure. This wax can be purged further to make it more concentrated. Here, it will take the last traces of water out of it.

Alcohol extraction

An alcoholic extraction is made by the soaking of cannabis plant material in isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol). The plan material should be made as small as possible so that the alcohol will reach as easy as possible all of the material.
Use a seal-able glass jar and put the plant material in here. Fill the pot with isopropyl alcohol so that all the plant material under the state alcohol. Leave the pot for 24 hours. The color of the alcohol will be green or brown, the better the plant material, the tanner it will be. Pour the mix of alcohol and active ingredients in a new pot by having it run through a coffee filter. Here will be collected all plant residues that you do not want to have in your oil.

The last step is to evaporate the alcohol. This can be done by heating the alcohol or the mixture to stand for 24 hours. The latter method is recommended in view of alcohol vapors are flammable, and fire is required to heat this, an induction or electronic cooking plate might well be possible. After evaporation it'll be a brown / green-like substance that's super sticky. It also have been called the hash oil or cannabis oil.

Rosin Tech extraction

The most secure and most pure form of the making of cannabis concentrate is by means of the Rosin Tech method. The concentrate is made by help of heat and pressure. The most common way is by using an flat iron and parchment paper.
Please note that the paper has no anti-stick coating that can dissolve in the concentrate. Raw perchmentpaper here is very suitable for making Rosin.

The flat iron should be between 155 and 165 degrees Celsius. This depends on the quality and moisture of the plant material. Grab a tip or multiple peaks each between 0.1 and 0.3 grams. Place the tops between two sheets of baking paper and place it between the heating elements of the flat iron or press. Apply pressure on the plant material and hold it for three seconds. When you hear a hiss please stop immediately, because it begins to evaporate the extract. It's just a sign that you are exercising too long pressure. Try to get a feeling for it, at some point you know exactly how long you must press for the big bud.

The resin or the extract should be sticking to the baking paper when the pressure gets released.

Using tweezers or a dab tool, you can now pick up the little pieces of concentrate.