Stash Cans

Stash Cans

Stash Cans for secret storage

Stash cans are products with a special secret compartment, Stash Cans come in different types like a Brake Fluid can, WD 40 can, ashtrays, nut containers, and Monster Energy cans !
They are also a clever and safe way to hide your personal belongings like weed or money. Common household products are used to make stash cans, so nobody will notice or ever find your secret "stash".
We also offer other stash products like the Vitavac which is also known as the Tightvac, a smell free way to keep your stuff with you without anyone willing be able to smell it.

Just hide your valuables in plain sight. We offer a wide range of stash cans for you to purchase. Just twist open the bottom or top of your stash can in order to reveal the secret compartment and place your stuff in it.
Hiding stuff for your parents or teachers was never so easy, as this is the new hype we sell stash cans all over the world with many happy customers. Don't let yourself get caught at home or at school and play safe: buy your Stash Can online at our web shop !

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Belton Molotow Spray Paint | Stash

Description Belton Molotow StashThe storage of your stock is important in order to keep it fres..

Ex Tax: 17.77€

Liquid Wrench Super Lubricant Safe Stash

DescriptionMost burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's house. These unique 'safes' a..

Ex Tax: 17.77€

Stash Nut+Bolt safe

DescriptionThis is one of the most convincing stash items out there. The ingenious thing about this ..

Ex Tax: 11.53€

Vitavac solid. black

DescriptionVitavac is the smallest version of the Tightvac, easily fitting into your pocket or purse..

Ex Tax: 4.09€

7 stashcan

DescriptionIf you want to call an awesome stash can your own, this one is simply a no-brainer. It's ..

Ex Tax: 16.49€
Ballistol Oil Stash -40%

Ballistol Oil Stash

Ballistol Oil StashThe Ballistol Oil Stash is totally hip!Of course, you keep all your bel..

25.00€ 15.00€
Ex Tax: 12.40€

beer stash

DescriptionA fun novelty item. In addition to acting as a disguise, the can is also first-class qual..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Glass cleaner powerhouse stash

Easy hiding your money or other valuable products in this glass cleaner stash can.Made from metal an..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

Lug Nut Stash Container

DescriptionHow extraordinarily clever… How do they even think of these disguises? No one would EVER ..

Ex Tax: 2.89€

Mildessa Stashcan

Do you want to be unique and have an unobtrusive stash scan?This is ideal to hide items in!lid with ..

Ex Tax: 15.66€

Pep Stashcan

DescriptionHide your cash, jewelry, and other valuables in plain sight! Statistically, a burglar wil..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Pop top container 13 drams | 50ml | Green

These handy containers are known by the locking system. The container makes a popping sound when it ..

Ex Tax: 0.41€

Pring Stashcan

Awesome stashcan to hide your personal stuff. This stashcan is great for use at home!This product ma..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

Screw driver Stash

DescriptionHow useful! I mean, not only does it hide your stash, but it’s also a functioning screw d..

Ex Tax: 6.20€
Stash H MK -40% Out Of Stock

Stash H MK

Description5 liter stash canAdditional InfoSpecification..

149.95€ 89.97€
Ex Tax: 74.36€