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Special Tools
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Lumagny Microscope (60-100X) Out Of Stock

Lumagny Microscope (60-100X)

Description This microscope magnified 60 to 100 times the image will be the smallest details super..

Ex Tax: 11.53€

Microscope 45x with LED

DescriptionConvenient and compact microscope, making it ideal to take along. The microscope can magn..

Ex Tax: 11.36€

Buddies | Sifterbox | Large

The Sifterbox by Buddies was made to sift your favorite herbs.Each box contains a low micron mono-fi..

Ex Tax: 24.75€
Dank Hygrometer | Glass Jar New

Dank Hygrometer | Glass Jar

Awesome stash/jar for your herbs.Wooden lid with build-in hygrometer and completely hermetic closed..

Ex Tax: 12.36€
Dank Magnifying LED| Glass Jar | Black New

Dank Magnifying LED| Glass Jar | Black

Awesome stash/jar for your herbs.Glass jar with 5x Magnifying and led.What is more interesting than..

Ex Tax: 18.97€

Dr. Dabber Budder cutter

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is made to cut through the stickiest oil and wax.The heat source is pre..

Ex Tax: 40.45€

Glass stash jar 89ml | Hermetic closing | 1 jar

Awesome glass jar with writable strain section.Perfect stash with a label to write the strain on it...

Ex Tax: 8.22€

Hashmaker 150µ

Description30 minutes in the freezer is all you need for incredible hash. How awesome is that? It’s ..

Ex Tax: 11.53€

Honey Bee Extractor

DescriptionThe first pocket sized Honey Oil Extractor made ??of the best chemical resistant plastic...

Ex Tax: 20.25€

Raw Cone Loader

Filling a cone can be very difficult and can take a lot of time.With this Raw Cone Loader, you can f..

Ex Tax: 6.20€
RAW Double Barrel | Joint holder Out Of Stock

RAW Double Barrel | Joint holder

Would you like to smoke two joints at the same time?That is possible with this great Double Barrel m..

Ex Tax: 11.53€
Rosin Tech Smash | DAB Press 7-14 Days delivery time

Rosin Tech Smash | DAB Press

Make your own DAB with the Rosin Tech press!Designed to give the user full plate speed control over ..

Ex Tax: 454.55€

HASH MAKER Cannabis Oil Extractor

DescriptionDon’t let the directions scare you, the HM oil extractor isn’t nearly as dangerous as it ..

Ex Tax: 13.18€

Cold Water Hash Extractor Bags 3.8L, Set of 2

DescriptionThese really do the job. The hash you will get from them is optimal—NO remnants. Or you c..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

Cosmetics Bottle | 25ml

DescriptionCosmetics bottles with a capacity of 100 ml, in this bottle you can store everything with..

Ex Tax: 0.41€