Table Top Scales

Table Top Scales

Table Top Scales

Table Top Scales are for home use, these scales are a bit bigger than our Pocket Scales but the Table Top Scales also do have their benefits: They are more sturdy then other scales and can hold much more weight then regular scales.
Our Table Top Scales are shipped in firmly packed in a discreet box, so no one will notice what you have bought and from which web shop you have ordered your stuff. Ideal if you want to buy a gift for someone.
You can select different weighing units by using the buttons on the scale (g, kg, lb, oz).  You also can use a bowl or a cup on the Table Top Scale to weigh your products.
Some Weighing Scales do even have a back light on the display that helps you when you are in a dark room or on the streets at night.
If you are missing any parts on your scale or if you want to get some spare parts for yourself or a friend, just check out our category Scale Parts by clicking on the link.

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CTS 6000 gr | My Weigh | 0,1 gr - 6000 gr

Description Counting Scale 6000The My Weigh CTS 6000 offers a wide range of options for the lar..

Ex Tax: 152.89€

Js-Mack | 100x0,01 gram

DescriptionThe Jennings / JScale Mack 100 Table Top Digital Scale has a 100 gram capacity with a 0.0..

Ex Tax: 92.98€

JT2 | 350x0,01

DescriptionAdditional InfoSpecification Recommended by hospitals MIDI precision balance Profes..

Ex Tax: 59.46€

My Weight i-Balance 500 | 500 x 0,1 gr

Description30 year warranty is a long time for a piece of equipment this has an remov..

Ex Tax: 46.24€
On Balance Mini Table Top Digital Pocket Scale MTT-500 | 500 x 0.1 g. Out Of Stock

On Balance Mini Table Top Digital Pocket Scale MTT-500 | 500 x 0.1 g.

DescriptionWeigh your items in grams (g), ounces (oz), grains (gn) or pennyweight (dwt) at 0.1g accu..

Ex Tax: 18.60€

Proscale Lur 5000X1G

DescriptionThis premium quality scale comes with a sleek, glass platform, a reverse lit display, and..

Ex Tax: 37.15€