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All scales are available at our web shop, below you will find a great assortment of all our weighing scales. To give you a nice overview of all our weighing scales we have added a filter on top of the page to select on price range, name, rating and model.
See for yourself what you would like to buy from our web shop. Need some help with choosing your ideal weighing scale ? No problem, contact us through our contact form of by the live chat function to ask us for more information.
You will also find some spare parts in here, these are for when your weighing scale is on low battery or you need some calibration weights. Just take a look at out All Scales and you will find out yourself what we have got in our assortment.

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CJ-600 | 0,1- 600 gr

DescriptionThe Jennings / JScale CJ-600 Table Top Digital Scale has a 600 gram capacity with a 0.1 g..

Ex Tax: 52.02€

CTS 6000 gr | My Weigh | 0,1 gr - 6000 gr

Description Counting Scale 6000The My Weigh CTS 6000 offers a wide range of options for the lar..

Ex Tax: 152.89€

IBalance i201 | 200x0,1

DescriptionThe My Weigh iBalance digital scale i201 (200g x 0.01g) is the perfect scale when you nee..

Ex Tax: 156.98€

Js-Mack | 100x0,01 gram

DescriptionThe Jennings / JScale Mack 100 Table Top Digital Scale has a 100 gram capacity with a 0.0..

Ex Tax: 92.98€

JT2 | 350x0,01

DescriptionAdditional InfoSpecification Recommended by hospitals MIDI precision balance Profes..

Ex Tax: 59.46€

My Weight i-Balance 500 | 500 x 0,1 gr

Description30 year warranty is a long time for a piece of equipment this has an remov..

Ex Tax: 46.24€

Myweigh 3001p | 3000 x 1 gr

DescriptionThe My Weigh 3001P Black multi-purpose scale has a 3000g capacity x 1g resolution, and al..

Ex Tax: 48.72€

Myweigh Steele | 5000 x 1gr

DescriptionThe MyWeigh Steele Kitchen Scale, with its stainless steel bowl, is great for weighing an..

Ex Tax: 37.15€

On Balance Mini Table Top Digital Pocket Scale MTT-500 | 500 x 0.1 g.

DescriptionWeigh your items in grams (g), ounces (oz), grains (gn) or pennyweight (dwt) at 0.1g accu..

Ex Tax: 18.60€

Pro scale 300 | 0,1- 300 gr.

DescriptionThe ProScale LC300 Digital Scale can weigh up to 300g to the tenth of a gram (0.1g). This..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Pro-Scale PX 650| 650x0,1

DescriptionNice scale for weighting your stuff, has an maximum capacity of 650 grams and has 3 rubbe..

Ex Tax: 19.79€

Proscale 111 Snake eyes | 111x 0,01

DescriptionA pad that stops vibrations, what will get you an accurate reading., that's what makes th..

Ex Tax: 14.46€

Proscale 555 Johnny 555 x 0,1

DescriptionThis scale is not only very easy to read, but also for a model of this size, a o.1 gram r..

Ex Tax: 12.81€

Proscale Lur 5000X1G

DescriptionThis premium quality scale comes with a sleek, glass platform, a reverse lit display, and..

Ex Tax: 37.15€

Proscale Promouse 500x0,1

Descriptionlooks like a USB mouse but wieghs like a scale !So discrete fully functional and very acc..

Ex Tax: 24.38€