Rolling Tray

Rolling Tray

Exclusive Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is a must have item for smokers world wide. The tray helps you storage your favorite material and tools on on place so you won't lose a bit of it while rolling your perfect joint.
Simply collect all of you stash with your favorite papers, grinders, lighters etc.  A rolling tray makes life a bit easier and will definitely prevent nights looking for your papers or lighters.
To put some variety in it you can also buy a rolling tray box, these boxes are easy to carry and you won't spill any tobacco when you are on the go. Ideal when you are going on a holiday.
If you'd like to shop for a rolling tray for yourself, then you've come to the right place. A sweet variety of rolling trays to suit every taste is right before you !

Using the Rolling Tray

By using our Rolling Trays you create a firmer joint that burns  without any burners. Your joint will burn more evenly and smoking your joint will also be much more fun.
Buy your Rolling Tray today at our store and buy yourself also some little extra papers & tips, you will then have a few more at home.

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Rolling tray large

DescriptionThis rolling tray is perfectly designed for rolling. It’s convenient and LARGE enough to ..

Ex Tax: 14.83€

Weedboard + Knife

DescriptionThis is for everyone who has out-grown grinding. This combo of a wooden board and a high ..

Ex Tax: 15.66€

420 Pink rolling tray | Small

Awesome pink rolling tray with cannabis leafs and the original 420 logo in the middle.This rolling t..

Ex Tax: 4.12€

420 Rolling tray | Medium

Awesome rolling tray with cannabis leafs and the original 420 logo in the middle.This rolling tray i..

Ex Tax: 6.20€

It's always 420 somewhere.. Small rolling tray

It's always 420 somewhere...Right? Handy rolling tray so you won't have to clean the mess after..

Ex Tax: 4.12€

RAW Black gold rolling tray small

This Limited Edition Black Gold rolling tray is beautifully crafted and one of a kind.Keep your roll..

Ex Tax: 161.16€

Raw rolling tray

DescriptionA super cool rolling tray. Makes your life easier and cleaner! Get yours now.Additional I..

Ex Tax: 10.33€

RAW rolling tray | XXL | Dinner tray

Big rolling tray from the RAW brand, great when sitting on the couch or on the bed.Now you can roll ..

Ex Tax: 18.97€

Roll Tray/Stash Medium with Cover

DescriptionThis box contains special compartments and little nooks for all your premium stuff, preve..

Ex Tax: 11.98€

Small Wooden Roll Tray

DescriptionThis tray is super practical for many reasons. From having all your eqipment in one place..

Ex Tax: 6.57€

Wiz Khalifa Metal Rolling Tray

DescriptionVery cool metal Rolling Tray with the imprint of Wiz Khalifa, perfect to roll and mess wi..

Ex Tax: 10.33€

Yabba dabba doo rolling tray | Medium

Yabba Dabba Doo! Awesome rolling tray with fred from the flintstones.Handy rolling tray so you ..

Ex Tax: 6.20€

Zen rolling tray

DescriptionThe Zen Rolling Tray is made ??of eco - friendly hemp plastic . It is provided with a sto..

Ex Tax: 4.92€