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We offer our customers a very wide range of Paper Tips from different brands like Flamez tips, Greengo tips, Zen tips, RAW tips, Tune tips and much more !
Click on a category to see our offer and try all of them to see what Tip Papers smokes the best for you. The Greengo Paper Tips are made of 100% unbleached, recycled and 200g /m2 grams paper.
This will ensure you from a different solid roll in comparison with many other papers. RAW does also have the Pre-rolled tips to making smoking a lot more easier, you can even use these again if you want to !
The RAW Wide tips have perforated cotton that will help you with folding your tip, because sometimes rolling a tip isn't that easy. If you didn't noticed then also take a quick look on our Active Tubes and Slim Filters for the maximum rolling experience.
Order your stockpile paper tips today before you run out, rolling tips from your cigarette box is not cool anymore. Notice that we do also sell Paper Tips booklets in box, more discount for more Paper Tips !
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Filter Tips box 105 pcs

DescriptionIf you’re used to using little pieces of sturdy paper to make your tips, it’s time to mak..


Flamez Mini Tips

DescriptionFlamez is one of the fastest growing brands in the smoking market that supplies high qual..


Flamez Rasta Tips

DescriptionEveryone loves the Rasta colour scheme. It’s a lot of fun to add some color to the joints..

Flamez Rasta Tips BOX Out Of Stock

Flamez Rasta Tips BOX

DescriptionFlamez is the brand that in 2005 began producing high quality smoke accessories at compet..


Flamez Tips

DescriptionFlamez tips work extraordinarily at the fraction of the cost of most other brands, provid..


Flamez Tips 50pcs (box)

DescriptionFlamez tips work extraordinarily at the fraction of the cost of most other brands, provid..


Greengo Filter Tips

DescriptionGreengo is incredible. If you like your herb just the way nature made it, free from chemi..

Greengo Filter Tips BOX 50 pcs Out Of Stock

Greengo Filter Tips BOX 50 pcs

Description Greengo Filter Tips BOX 50 pcsWhat other brands do not dare, Greengo dares: Greengo..


Zen Filters regular

Descriptionmany tips in one get for such a small fee. Always pays to be prepared. Order now!Additio..


Zen Filters Slim

DescriptionGreat bang for your buck with this pack. If you like your rollies slim and elegant, these..


Box loose paper tips (25000 pcs)

DescriptionBox with 25000 loose Flamez tips.140 gramsAdditional InfoSpecification..


Flamez Filter tips Black 50 pcs

DescriptionFlamez Filter tipsAdditional InfoBlack Specification50 pcs..


Raw Cotton Filters Regular 7.5mm

DescriptionCotton is a wonderful material for filters. It’s unbleached and unnatural, and not too, t..


Raw Cotton Filters Slim 6mm

DescriptionRAW 100% Cotton Filters all the way from Lebanon.They are about the size of your average ..


Raw perfecto prerolled cone tip

RAW® Perfecto pre-rolled cone tips are conically shaped so you can roll a faster perfect cone.Pre-ro..