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Gadgets & Gifts for all of us

Gadgets & Gifts
are ideal for giving on a birthday party. People really appreciate these gifts like funny magnets, weed laptop bags and coffee mugs. But that's not the only things we have got for you.
Just check out out category for more exclusive Gadgets & Gifts and see for yourself what we have got for you and your friends, you will be amazed by our assortment.

Cannabis condoms, cannabis lollipops, hash lollipops

Cannabis lollipops and Hash lollipops are a great buy when you love sweets. Almost every stoner once had one of these. Actually there is no THC in there but these lollipops just taste like real weed and the aftertaste is also really sweet.
The same goes for the condoms, no THC but a real taste of weed. Great when you are receiving some head on a early morning.

Weed Playing cards

These playing cars are funny as hell ! You can use them to play multiple games. Each card has its own unique picture of weed on it and you can show it to all your friends !
Buy our Gadgets & Gifts right now and surprise your friends on their birthday.

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Hash Lollipops

Descriptionlollipops that taste and smells like hash, a quick snack.Additional InfoWhy You’ll Love T..

Ex Tax: 0.47€
Keyring weed -50%

Keyring weed

DescriptionSo cool…. No pun intended! This legit looks like an ice cube. Would make a great stocking..

8.95€ 4.50€
Ex Tax: 3.72€

4:20 Snapback cap | Lauren Rose

420 doesn't need an explanation! It's the holy numbers for every stoner!Lauren Rose made a snapback ..

Ex Tax: 24.38€

Army cap

DescriptionWith this product, you will have your oil extracted within 24hours.. It is made of a chem..

Ex Tax: 8.22€

Big Buddha Cheese | Snapback cap | Lauren Rose | Black

Everybody knows Big Buddha Cheese! This black snapback is specially designed for people who love the..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

BL Dispenser 'I-TAL Hemp Wick' large

DescriptionThis is a two piece glass dispenser for Hemp-Wick spools. It has a single 'Roll-Stop' nmd..

Ex Tax: 7.23€

BL Dispenser 'I-TAL Hemp Wick' small

DescriptionThis is a two piece glass dispenser for Hemp-Wick spools. It has a single 'Roll-Stop' nod..

Ex Tax: 6.20€
Black Leaf CHALICE Glass 'Skull' -50%

Black Leaf CHALICE Glass 'Skull'

DescriptionSuch an eye catcher. Great if you’re clumsy, because it’s thick glass and really hard to ..

19.95€ 9.97€
Ex Tax: 8.24€

Cannabis Lollipops

DescriptionCannabis lollipops with real cannabis flavor.Additional InfoEffects and Reviews:T..

Ex Tax: 0.47€
Cannabuds keyring Bubblez -51%

Cannabuds keyring Bubblez

DescriptionYou don't want to hide your love for mother nature's great gift? Show your appreciation f..

2.95€ 1.45€
Ex Tax: 1.20€
Cannabuds Keyring Chill -20%

Cannabuds Keyring Chill

DescriptionGive yourself a treat with this eye-catching keyring: It's not only fun to look at, but a..

2.50€ 2.00€
Ex Tax: 1.65€

Cannabuds keyring Rasta Bud

DescriptionMemories of Jamaica or just some paraphernalia? Well, at least it's not useless! Just a k..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Cannabuds keyring Skinner

DescriptionSkinner is everyones best friend. Well, wouldn't you like a guy next to you that's always..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Cannabuds keyring Sloth

DescriptionThey might not actually be able to help you find your keys when you're slightly trollied,..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Cannabuds keyring Twins

DescriptionDon't miss out on this awesome gimmick. Kind of like a friendship bracelet but for stoner..

Ex Tax: 2.44€