Special Pipes

Special Pipes

Special pipes for your friends

If you're looking for something unique and special to make your day, just explore the premium products below. There you'll find a large selection of special smoking pipes imaginable to any smoking need.
Show your friends how our awesome pipes look and smoke. We have it all: glass, wood,  masks, Bukket Pipe and don't forget about The Budbomb !
Each special pipe come in a unique package which no one will recognize that you have ordered it from our online web shop. 
Get ready for a new, clean and different experience when you check out our choice of Budbats, oil pipes, deluxe electric pipes, credit card pipes, and more. See the amazing line of special smoking pipes we have to offer and get your new toy today!

Experience with your friends

You can use these pipes to smoke alone or smoke with your friends on a party. No matter where you smoke or who you're with, these Special pipes are really cool for enjoying your daily needs.
Place your order now at our online web shop and buy your special pipe today against a fair price !

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DigitalSpa Mask

DescriptionDesigned for use with the Vapir ONE Digital Vaporizer, this comfortable spa mask fits mos..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

Magnetic creditcard pipe

DescriptionFun little novelty item/awesome stocking stuff—and very subtle. It's just beautiful, a gr..

Ex Tax: 8.22€

Magnetic Poker Box' Black

DescriptionMade by Ryot, the patented Magnetic Poker Box (MPB) is the ultimate take-anywhere dugout ..

Ex Tax: 18.97€

Magnetic Poker Box' Walnut

DescriptionGorgeous wood little box. If you’re into elegance and sophistication when it comes to you..

Ex Tax: 18.97€

Oil smoking pipe | small

DescriptionGood design—nice smoke flow, good sized hole, pretty hardy. A very pleasing product for a..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Pocket Pipe 'One Hit' 105mm

DescriptionThe question you need to ask yourself is, whether or not you really want to “show off” th..

Ex Tax: 5.37€

Pocket Pipe 'One Hit' 75mm

DescriptionThis Dugout Pipe is extremely useful, providing discretion and great functionality. The p..

Ex Tax: 5.37€

Screen Queen pipe Black

DescriptionThis deluxe pipe in a matte black gift box comes in a a sleek anodized aluminum construc..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Screen Queen pipe silver

DescriptionThe royal pipe that works without filter . The Queen is never clogged. She is quick and e..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Solo Pipe silver

DescriptionSolopipe is perfect for those who want a well designed, easy to use tobacco pipe that als..

Ex Tax: 45.41€

Wickie pipe

DescriptionThis pipe offers a flip up acrylic mouth piece that opens up to a 90 degree angle, with t..

Ex Tax: 28.88€