Shine Papers

Shine Papers

Shine Rolling Papers

Shine papers is the inventor of the worlds first ever 24 karat gold rolling papers. Shine papers gained popularity and became the go to brand for those who celebrate all of life's highs. These papers are extremely fold-able but do break pretty fast against other regular papers so please be careful while rolling these papers. Once you rolled a good joint you can simply light it up and smoke some real gold ! Don't forget you post a picture on our Facebook Page or Instagram 
With shine papers people will turn their head to take another look at your Shine papers. The shine papers also burn extremely slow while leaving behind a gift in the ashtray. The shine papers gold stays on your ashes which is refer to as "the gems". 

Papers worth the money

These Shine Papers do cost some money buy they are the most regal and extravagant papers you can buy on earth, big stars smoke these papers to score some great pictures for their fans and we can tell you that these pictures get loads of attention.
buy these 24 karat gold papers today and show your friends that these Shine Papers are a real hit.

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Shine 24k Rolling papers (2pcs)

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