Our best smoking Chillums

Get ready for the most popular and best choice of glass, rock, stone, and wood Chillums.
Invented and used in India since the 18th century, the Chillum is now favored all over the planet for its unique and 'back to the roots' flair. Relieve your sins by smoking through one of our wonderful designed wooden, stone, or glass Chillums. 
Chillums evolved from the various gourds and horns that were used to smoke in Africa. Some models even have a screen in the Chillum so you won't inhale the herbs. There is also a water-cooled chillum that one is called a chalice. 
The Chillums are made to make smoking easy, you just take the Chillum our of your pocket and grind some herbs. Put the herbs in the Chillum and lit a fire to enjoy your own smoking Chillum. Stone Chillums are solid as a rock and won't break easily from a fall. 
Take advantage of our sandblasted selection for the absolutely hardcore smokers and never overpay again. Choose your favorite Chillum now and open up to a whole new way of relaxation!

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Chillum | Glass | black | Black leaf | 150mm

DescriptionThis Blackleaf chillum is a great first-time user’s chillum—it’s inexpensive, easy to cle..

Ex Tax: 10.33€

Chillum | glass | sandblasted | 10 cm

DescriptionThis metal box is comparable to the greens of this earth. Very easy to work with, cool lo..

Ex Tax: 6.20€

Chillum | glass | sandblasted | 15 cm

DescriptionIf you’re looking for a new and unique smoking product, this chillum is perfect for you. ..

Ex Tax: 7.85€

Chillum | glass | sandblasted | 20 cm

DescriptionThe chillum is a staple of the Rasta movement, but you don’t have to be Rasta to enjoy th..

Ex Tax: 9.50€

Chillum | Glass | White | Black leaf | 150mm

DescriptionI learned that the chillums originate from India and have been around for 100s of years. ..

Ex Tax: 10.33€

Chillum | Glass | White | Black leaf | 230mm

DescriptionThis heavy-duty & robust glass Chillium from 'Black Leaf' comes complete with a clear gla..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Chillum | stone | 14 cm

DescriptionChillums are portable and convenient and SIMPLE. They come with few parts, making them ea..

Ex Tax: 6.20€

Chillum | wood | 15 cm

DescriptionThis great wooden chillum feels very back-to-basics. The guys in India who invented chill..

Ex Tax: 5.37€

Chillum | wood | 20 cm

DescriptionThis wooden chillum is perfect if you’re looking to replicate an authentic Rastafarian ch..

Ex Tax: 3.72€

Chillum| Stone | 10 cm

DescriptionA beautiful little piece of smoking paraphernalia that we highly recommend to anyone look..

Ex Tax: 3.72€