Boxes and storage objects

Boxes and storage objects are very special to us, because we all have something to hide in our lives. by using these stash boxes and saverettes you could hide your weed or joints in a eye blink. No one will even notice you have some weed in your pockets.
The Click Clack Boxes are specially made to look like a mint box that everyone has nowadays. Just put some pressure on the top of the box and the click clack box will open itself, and to close it you simply put some pressure on the side of the box.
The Boxes come with different kinds of prints and are available in one size. Also take a look at out Joint packs to store your cigarettes safely so no one can smell it when you're in a public place. Another great thing about the Joint pack is also that they prevent your cigarette from breaking.

Storage boxes

The storage boxes are ideal to store your stuff while you're at home, so no one will notice you have something to hide. The boxes are designed to look like a fancy can which you can place on your bookshelf. 

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Saverette | KS | Amsterdam

DescriptionOkay, so I literally find that this is something that EVERY. SINGLE. SMOKER. EVER. has ex..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.61

Saverette | KS | Black

DescriptionPut your burning cigarette, the lighted cone first, into your Saverette and close the lid..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.61

Saverette | KS | Cannabis leaf

DescriptionSaves your cigarettes and joints so you can pick up where you left off. The choice betwee..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.61

Storage box | Cannabis leaf | wood | 21x17x9 cm

DescriptionSturdy, hinged hardwood stash box, inlaid with a lighter wood cannabis leaf motif, just i..

€19.95 Ex Tax: €16.49

Wood box with Cannabis leaf |10x10 cm

Description Wood boxThis wooden box with Cannabis Leaf is 10x10cm big and is made of sturdy dar..

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.70

Wood box with Cannabis leaf | 12,5x18cm

DescriptionIf you value premium quality, you will love this beautifully designed box. Never store yo..

€22.95 Ex Tax: €18.97

Wood box with Cannabis leaf |10x15 cm

DescriptionCheck out this uber-stylish new home for your herbs! Premium wood combined with a beautif..

€15.95 Ex Tax: €13.18

Click Clack box | AK47 | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionAwesome box with "AK-47"-design for storing your bud in the most badass way. Order now!Ad..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Amsterdam | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionThe Amsterdam coat of arms on this box gives it a fancy, sophisticated edge. What a class..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Buds & leaves | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionCheck the sharpness of the imagery! This would cost you some hard cash in some sort of gi..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Buds | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionThe weed buds almost pop out at you, that’s how sharp and clear the image is. Highly reco..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | cannabis leaf | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionFor the hippie in you! What an awesome little accessory - give it a try!Additional InfoSp..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | I love weed | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionClick-Clack Tin to keep small items in. Press the top of the lid to open, and press the s..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Peace 1 | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionFor the hippie in you! What an awesome little accessoryAdditional InfoSpecification Cli..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Peace 3 | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionThis box, unlike an Altoids tin, actually stays shut—because it snaps closed. You can be ..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Purple cannabis leaf | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionGreat simplicity! A cannabis leaf upon a vibrant purple color. Beautiful. Another highly ..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Real haze | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionYou see these little tins everywhere, usually filled with mints — but not this tin! Avail..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Click Clack box | Super Skunk | Ø5,5cm

DescriptionA “super” convenient tin for those who are “super” into keeping their weed safe and dry. ..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

Joint Pack | 100mm

DescriptionThe Joint- Pack is a beautiful and useful product . An original molded plastic packaging ..

€0.50 Ex Tax: €0.41

Paper box | King size | Amsterdam | Metal

DescriptionWhat a stylish box! And who among us, weed smokers of the world, does not love Amsterdam?..

€2.50 Ex Tax: €2.07