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Glass Bongs

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Nothing beats the clean, pure smoke from a glass bong. They are a smoker’s favorite way to enjoy their herbs. Glass bongs come in different styles and shapes. When you want to buy waterpipes online make sure the bong has all of the specifications you need.
We offer a wide range of glass bongs each with their own specialties. If you are looking for a simple and cheap glass bong or more of a designer piece, just check out our Glass bong categories. If you are looking for a glass bong in the highest quality, make sure you check out our best bong category page.

Different glass bongs for sale

We offer numerous glass bongs in different sizes, colours and shapes. Simple rule in bongs is the taller the bong the more smoke you can inhale. Most commonly used bongs are around 30cm tall. Are you a cannabis expert and ready for a big hit you can try out bigger bongs like the giant bong which is a whopping 74 cm tall. Like earlier mentioned the shape of water pipes or bongs can vary. You will find simple straight bongs, bongs in crazy shapes, bongs with a large water reservoir etc etc. If you need a bong to cool down the smoke check out bongs with a large water reservoir. More water will cool down the smoke so it will become more easier to smoke. In this category you will find cheap glass bongs. If you want to filter and cool down the smoke better check out percolator bong in our best bong section. If your looking for a bong to smoke cannabis extract like shatter, BHO or cannabis oil. You might want to check out our Oilrigs section.

Shipping glass bongs to your country

We ship all our glass bongs in a sturdy box with enough plastic to ensure a safe trip from our warehouse to your home. We understand that not everyone needs to know you just bought a bong online. So we wont place any stickers or markings on the box except of a very cool white sticker with your address. 

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GG Arm Perc Bong Crystal

DescriptionThis large bong is perfect for those who want to produce a lot of smoke. The beautiful de..

Ex Tax: 115.66€

Grace bong | crystal | flame | percolator | 52 cm

DescriptionThis Crystal Beaker Grace Glass bong is a nice piece of glass art that will take you high..

Ex Tax: 99.13€

Grace bong | crystal | skyscraper monster | percolator | 86 cm

DescriptionThis Skyscraper Grace Glass bong is an extraordinary piece of glass art that will take yo..

Ex Tax: 244.59€

Grace bong | Removable Shower Perculator

DescriptionAs its name suggests, the fact that this bongs percolator is removable makes it very easy..

Ex Tax: 57.81€

Grace bong | white | beaker | Drum percolator | 35 cm

DescriptionThis special Beaker Drum Bong of Grace Glass will offer you a fantastic smoking experienc..

Ex Tax: 72.69€

Bent bong | Atomic Percolator | straight | B4 | 38 cm

DescriptionThe entire Bent series looks amazing, but the B4 stands out. It's seriously one of the mo..

Ex Tax: 93.80€

Bent bong |Nighthawk | bubbler | B7 | 40 cm

DescriptionThe joint size of this bubbler makes it super cool and easy to use. At 19 mm, it's the pe..

Ex Tax: 114.01€

Black Leaf bong | Purple Octopus | 28cm

Small powerfull bubbler with a shower head percolator, get's the attention from everyone! This aweso..

Ex Tax: 68.18€

Black Leaf bong | Red crab | 28.5cm

The handmade robust percolator bubbler from the Black Leaf brand has an amazing eye catcher in the m..

Ex Tax: 56.20€

Black Leaf bong | Two Ways | Oil/herb Bong | 40 cm

DescriptionA classic looking cylinder bong, what makes this bong unique is his two routes into the w..

Ex Tax: 36.74€

Black Leaf bubbler | Percolator | Clear | 20cm

This little bong will surprise you!With a height of 20cm it's a practical small bubbler, suitable fo..

Ex Tax: 30.17€

Black Leaf diffuser beads

Turn your bong into the strongest bubbles maker!With the Diffuser beads from Black Leaf, you can mak..

Ex Tax: 4.13€

Black Leaf glass bong | 24-Arm Tree Perc | 38 cm

DescriptionIf you like a toxin-free, cool smoke, this Perc bong is for you. The description explains..

Ex Tax: 66.07€

Black Leaf glass bong | 30 cm

DescriptionSimple, elegant with a beutiful eye-catching logo, this bong is not only soothing for you..

Ex Tax: 21.90€

Black Leaf glass bong | cannabis leaves | 30 cm

DescriptionA very nice and smoothlooking glass bong from Black Leaf for your low budget collection, ..

Ex Tax: 10.70€