Focusvape Pro Premium Vaporizer with bubbler

-18% Focusvape Pro Premium Vaporizer with bubbler

Focusvape Pro Premium Vaporizer with bubbler

Focusvape Pro Premium from IFocus Technology revolves around precision vapors. In all respects, this vaporizer has the handy gadgets of the original Focusvape, with the addition of an OLED display that gives the user more control. The digital display shows the battery level, the desired temperature and the current temperature of the heating chamber. The temperature range is between 80 ° C and 240 ° C, where you can set the temperature in steps of 1 ° C.

What is so premium about this Focusvape? The bubbler! This vaporizer has all the nice features that the Focusvape Pro also has, but comes with a glass bubbler for delicious, dreadful vapor clouds.

The Focusvape Pro is available in black, coffee and white.


The Focusvape Pro Premium offers a number of smart solutions for a carefree vapor experience:

Silica gel protective layer. The Focusvape Pro is protected against scratches with a silica gel protective layer. This also protects the user from the heat of vaporizer.

Airflow control. You will immediately be away from the ring. With this ring, the user can regulate the airflow through a simple rotational movement. Just find that airflow that suits your needs,

Vibration warning. The evaporator vibrates when switching on and off. The device also vibrates when the selected temperature level is reached.

Interchangeable battery. The Focusvape Pro is powered by a 18650 Samsung 3200 mAh battery with a long life. The battery can be charged in the device via micro-USB or with a separate wall charger.

Spacious ceramic heating room. The Focusvape Pro is equipped with a large ceramic heating chamber that can be easily filled. You can screw the pyrex nozzle with a few turns on the vaporizer.

Heating time. The Focusvape Pro heats up in 20 to 30 seconds.

Bubbler. The Focusvape Pro Premium comes with a glass bubbler. Attach the bubbler to the nozzle of your vaporizer, and enjoy wonderfully soft vapor clouds!


Focusvape Pro Premium vaporizer

Glass mouthpiece

18650 Samsung 3200 mAh battery

Filling tool

Cleaning brush

Micro USB cable

Three mouthpiece gauze

Glass bubbler


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