Ephedra nevadensis | 20 seeds

Ephedra nevadensis | 20 seeds

Ephedra nevadensis | 20 seeds


Ephedra Seeds are stimulants that are safe and natural to help you get through the day,and it will accomplish exactly what you need without leaving you with a feeling of grogginess or lack of motivation between doses.

Benefits and Effects:

Though ephedra seeds and their use are highly regulated in some countries, never fear. You have the opportunity to be able to purchase affordable, top-quality ephedra seeds easily from our website. The product is all-natural and highly effective. Some of the side effects you may experience include:

  • Increased energy
  • Motivation
  • Clearer thought processes
  • ?Decrease in appetite

Many claim it was the best answer to the fatigue and sluggishness from which they had been suffering, and are pleased with the fact that it lifts the mood and eases the symptoms of depression and melancholy!

Additional Info


5 seeds.

Ephedra seeds used for growing your own plants.


Do not use if you are younger than 18 years.
Do not use smart products during pregnancy.
Caution with emotional or psychological problems because the use of psychedelics can trigger these problems.
Caution with use of medication and alcohol, if in doubt consult your doctor.
Do not operate heavy machinery. Do not participate in traffic.
Always consult a doctor when in doubt about the condition of your health before or after the use of smart products.

Focus Planet cannot be held responsible for any consequences, damages and injuries.

Flowering time
Yield indoor
Height indoor
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