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Ace Silver Haze

DescriptionGreenLabel Seeds is proud to introduce its Ace Silver Haze: An all-time classic that will..

€23.50 Ex Tax: €22.17

AK Widow 47

DescriptionAK Widow 47 consists of two strains that can be found on virtually every coffeeshop menu ..

€21.50 Ex Tax: €20.28

Auto Silver Haze

DescriptionGreenLabel's Auto Silver Haze is one of those rare autoflowering strains that contain a l..

€23.30 Ex Tax: €21.98

Automatic Amnesia

DescriptionStrong, stronger, Amnesia! Our Automatic version of yet another coffeeshop-classic captiv..

€23.50 Ex Tax: €22.17

Automatic Mary (GreenLabel Seeds)

DescriptionThis autoflowering variety is a cross between Ruderalis and Santa Maria. Automatic Mary h..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €17.45

Automatic Mega Bud

DescriptionWhereas most automatic strains stay relatively small, Automatic Mega Bud proves that an i..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €21.23

Automatic Mix Pack 2.0 '5'

DescriptionThe Automatic Mix Pack 2.0 contains 5 seeds of 5 different GreenLabel autoflowering strai..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €30.66

Automatic Widow

DescriptionAutomatic Widow is a fast, yet potent autoflowering variety that is increasingly used by ..

€17.50 Ex Tax: €16.51

Berry Delight

DescriptionBerry Delight maintains the delicious smell Blueberry is known for and by crossing it wit..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €21.23

Big Jack

DescriptionBig Jack is composed of the strain named in honour of the late great cannabis crusader, J..

€27.50 Ex Tax: €25.94

Blue Grape Dream

DescriptionBlue Grape Dream possesses a unique smell and a taste that is hard to describe. It has a ..

€16.50 Ex Tax: €15.57

Everest Bud

DescriptionWith THC-glinstering buds reminiscent to the ever white peaks of Mt. Everest, Everest Bud..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €17.45

Killer White

DescriptionTo create Killer White, GreenLabel made a selection using only the most potent plants, lo..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €17.45

OG Cheese

DescriptionOG Cheese is renowned for its cheese-like fragrance and trippy high. The leaves between t..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €20.75