All feminized cannabis seeds

All feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds are bred to eliminate the male chromosomes, and as a result, growers are able to cultivate the yield of resinous buds preferred by most farmers. If you require a fast and easy growing process, then Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the perfect choice. With our Feminized Cannabis Seeds strains there is no need to spend countless days of flowering to check for male plants. You decide how many plants you want, germinate the required number of seeds, then nurture, grow, flower and reap the results. Don't wait any longer and order now — with our Feminized Cannabis Seeds, cannabis cultivation is as simple as A, B, C !

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Blueberry | 5 seeds -50%

Blueberry | 5 seeds

DescriptionAfter a long hike from the 1970's to the present, the Blueberry Cannabis Strain has final..

€39.50 €19.75 Ex Tax: €16.32

DR.Herrer | 5 seeds -50%

DR.Herrer | 5 seeds

DescriptionWe have recently added a brand new cannabis strain to our collection, DR. Jack cannabis. ..

€45.00 €22.50 Ex Tax: €18.60

Lazy ice | 5 seeds -50%

Lazy ice | 5 seeds

DescriptionSumo Seeds is proud to offer Lazy Ice, an indica-dominant hybrid of White Widow and Nort..

€49.50 €24.75 Ex Tax: €20.45

Pineapple perfect (5 seeds) -50%

Pineapple perfect (5 seeds)

DescriptionA relative newcomer to the market, the Pinapple Perfect cannabis strain, often better kn..

€49.50 €24.75 Ex Tax: €20.45

Tropical Dutch | 5 Seeds -50%

Tropical Dutch | 5 Seeds

DescriptionOur new Tropical Dutch cannabis strain is a mix between Mexican Haze, Princess, Shiva Sk..

€39.50 €19.75 Ex Tax: €16.32

Acid Feminized

DescriptionAcid Feminized - Acid is the very own version of the world famous strain from Paradise Se..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €30.19


DescriptionAllkush reveals its Kush heritage in compact appearance and stouth growth characteristics..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €30.19

Amnesia Lemon (5)

DescriptionThe Skunk #1 pheno of Barney's Farm crossed with their award winning Amnesia haze was alw..

€37.00 Ex Tax: €34.91

Arjan's Haze #1 '5'

DescriptionArjan's Haze #1 is a plant thatdevelopsbig, massive buds and a spectacular THC-value. An ..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €30.66

Arjan's Haze #3 '5'

DescriptionArjan's Haze #3 is a small variety, so ideal for indoor growers. This canabis gives a eup..

€19.00 Ex Tax: €17.92

Arjan's Strawberry Haze '5'

DescriptionThis cannabis has a very mild and physical effect, with a strong euphoric high and makes ..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €30.66

Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 '5'

DescriptionArjan's Ultra Haze #1 gives a very intense and powerful Sativa high and a psychedelic, eu..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €30.66

Arjan's Ultra Haze #2 '5'

DescriptionArjan's Ultra Haze #2 has heavy, solid buds with sublime resin and gives a very intense p..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €30.66

Atomical Haze

DescriptionHaze plants are getting ever more popular. But in fact it is one of the oldest and classi..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €35.85

Auto Acid '3'

DescriptionAuto Acid is an automatic flowering Diesel hybrid of Paradise Seeds created byselecting a..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €21.70

Auto Frisian Dew '3'

DescriptionAutoFrisian Dew is the autoflowering version of our outdoor best seller Frisian Dew.A..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €27.36

Auto Jack

DescriptionJack autoflowering has got best of both worlds. The Sativa dominant mother Jack Herer,ta..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €21.70

Auto Wappa

DescriptionAuto Wappa is an easy to grow plant with the characteristics of her predecessor, very sim..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €21.70

Auto Whiteberry

DescriptionThis is the 4th generationauto flowering Whiteberry, she has been back crossed until the ..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €21.70

Automaria II

DescriptionParadise Seeds has selected the most resinous plant of their Automaria nr 1 to use as a f..

€26.00 Ex Tax: €24.53