Big Glass Bongs

Big Glass Bongs

Look at those Big Glass Bongs !

Perfection is what we sell, these Big Glass Bongs are big enough to get your ego tripping hard. Most of the bangs are just magnificent art, that's how we would like to call it.
We have some delicious Big Glass Bongs like the bongs from Giant Glass, these are 74 cm big ! Also we offer you the Bong in A Box bongs against very cheap prices, they will come with some extra accessory like a Grinder, Pipe Screens and a Lighter.
That all in a firmly packed aluminium case, ideal for when going on a holiday or taking your bong to a party. 
The biggest bong we have got is 60 cm and is also one of our cheapest Big Glass Bongs !

Spare parts for Big Glass Bongs

We do also sell a wide variety of spare parts if something perhaps get broken. Please check out our category Glass Bong Parts to see if we have any spare parts for you in our online shop.
If you have any questions about our products or services please contact us on our contact page.

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Black Leaf glass bong | 30 cm

DescriptionSimple, elegant with a beutiful eye-catching logo, this bong is not only soothing for you..

€26.50 Ex Tax: €21.90

Black Leaf glass bong | cannabis leaves | 30 cm

DescriptionA very nice and smoothlooking glass bong from Black Leaf for your low budget collection, ..

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.70

Black Leaf glass bong | cannabis leaves | 50 cm

DescriptionNice height on this one—but still a good price. 50 CM (almost 20 inches) is pretty tall..

€24.95 Ex Tax: €20.62

Black Leaf glass bong | cannabis leaves | rubber foot| 30 cm

DescriptionIf you're looking for a decently priced, quality, sturdy bong, then you're looking at the..

€15.95 Ex Tax: €13.18

Glass bong in Aluminium box | dude | globe | 42 cm

DescriptionThe large bubble base of this bong cools the smoke and keeps it fresh longer. Also, becau..

€38.95 Ex Tax: €32.19

Glass bong | Black leaf| 35 cm

DescriptionThe black glass on this bong makes it an elegant piece of machinery. It’s beautiful and..

€24.95 Ex Tax: €20.62

Glass bong | Giant| 74 cm

DescriptionThis bong really is “giant” at 74 cm. It gets you INCREDIBLY high. Not for every day ..

€65.95 Ex Tax: €54.50

Glass bong | Giant| straight | 74 cm

DescriptionOne of the great things about Giant is the simplicity of its designs. If you like clean l..

€59.95 Ex Tax: €49.55

Glass bong | beaker | Marijuana Leaves | 35 cm

DescriptionThis Leaf Glass Bong Beaker is a simple piece of glass art that will give you a nice lift..

€15.95 Ex Tax: €13.18

Glass bong | black art | 26 cm

DescriptionThis 26 cm tall black beauty is the perfect fit for everyone who enjoy being different an..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Glass bong | black/frosted | 43 cm

DescriptionThis beautifully designed, elegant bong is like a piece of art in addition to a bong. The..

€22.95 Ex Tax: €18.97

Glass bong | Cactus | 49 cm

DescriptionIf you care about the purity of your smoke, you want a clean chamber. The straightness of..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66

Glass bong | crooked | black weed leaves | 42 cm

DescriptionThe Multi Leaf Glass Bong in black is an attractive unit that gets the job done well, at ..

€17.95 Ex Tax: €14.83

Glass bong | crooked | green cannabis leaves | 40 cm

DescriptionNice and goodlooking 40cm long Multi leaf glass bong, with a cool print on the glas that ..

€16.95 Ex Tax: €14.01

Glass bong | crooked | green cannabis leaves | 42 cm

DescriptionBeautiful, simple, resistent and awesomly priced. What more can one want? Get yours now t..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Glass bong | frosted cannabis leaves | 26 cm

DescriptionThe sand blast of this bong gives a pretty “frosty” look, but it also makes the glass..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Glass bong | frosted | 40 cm

DescriptionSand blasted glass doesn’t just look cool; you will find that it’s actually tougher a..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €26.86

Glass bong | glassic | 30 cm

DescriptionThis bubble base allows you to pour in more water, so more filtration, and it also allows..

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.70

Glass bong | glassic | 33 cm

DescriptionThe bent chamber enriches the smoking experience and looks cool, but it’s still very ea..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Glass bong | glassic | 60 cm

DescriptionAn elegant, classic shape and 60 cm tall so it gets you REALLY high fast. Totally inexpen..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66