Small acrylic bongs

Small acrylic bongs

Small acrylic bongs

Small acrylic bongs are hard to find, but we got a little selection for you that you could use on the go or when you are on a holiday. All bongs are sturdy and will not break easily.
No one will even see you have something like a Bong in your baggage  and no one will suspect you from anything, these bongs are so small !
The Small acrylic bongs are for those who don't want to spend lots of money on a first bong. Maybe it's just for fun to show your friends or you want to learn what smoking is. Then you definitely need to try one of these Small acrylic bongs.

Replacements for Small acrylic bongs

We also offer replacement parts for all our Small acrylic bongs, just check out our Acrylic Bong Part category and you will be amazed from what we do sell these days.
Feel free to shop around in our fantastic online store and ask your questions at our live chat function if you have any doubts about some products !

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Acryl bong | Black leaf | 25cm

DescriptionThis bong is a great size—not a monster like some you see—and every part of it is unb..

€20.95 Ex Tax: €17.31

Acryl bong | red/orange | 18cm -40%

Acryl bong | red/orange | 18cm

DescriptionEveryone should have a bong this size. It’s so easy to take out with you, but gets you ..

€7.50 €4.50 Ex Tax: €3.72