Acrylic Bowls

Acrylic Bowls

Why use Acrylic Bowls

Acrylic Bowls are available in many sizes and colors, but the ones we offer you are unique in a different way.
As seen in the previous header we explained what Acrylic parts are made of: Polymethyl and methacrylate (PMMA). This is also better known as Acrylic Glass because it looks like "clear plastic".
You can use the bowl for example to put your favorites herbs in it and smoke it good. But you can also give the bowl to a friend as a souvenir or a nice stoner birthday gift.
The bowls we offer you are made of durable Acrylic, Metal or even Wood ! Just pick one that fits your bong and start smoking as soon as possible.

Different sizes Acrylic Bowls

We offer different sizes Acrylic, metal or wooden bowls. Not only by content but also by color: blue, green, purple, red etc. etc.
They are all easy to replace by just screwing the old one off, and screwing your new one on it again.
Feel free to buy yourself a new spare Bowl, they are not that expensive !

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bong bowl | metal

DescriptionIf you like to be mobile with your bong (take it to parties, camping..) , you will want l..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

bong bowl | metal | 20mm

Metal bowlFor those who are worried that this bowl might give off a bad taste, rest assured that it ..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.61

bong bowl | metal | colored

Metal cupThe looks are very important to me. That’s part of the reason I chose an acrylic bong, I li..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

bong bowl | metal | silver

DescriptionThis little cup is incredibly easy to clean. In the metal vs. glass bowl/cup debate, be d..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

Bong screw | universal

DescriptionThis screw is one of those things that are so easy to overlook, but so necessary. Place y..

€0.50 Ex Tax: €0.41

bong bowl | Aluminium

Aluminium Bowl 2 Colors MixAlthough i prefer the black version. This 2-piece set is perfect if you l..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

bong bowl | ebony wood

Ebony wooden bowlThis bowl has been tested on 4 separate metal downpipes, and it fits each one. So c..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.72

bong bowl | metal | 10mm

Metal BowlNice bowl that is easy to clean.  Hook yourself up with this baby and get ready ..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

bong bowl | metal | 30mm

Metal Bowl 30 mm heightIf you’re prone to breaking glass, do yourself a favor and just stop using it..

€2.50 Ex Tax: €2.07

bong bowl | metal | XL

Metal Bowl XLHaving smoked from many bowls of both glass and metal, you have probably come to the co..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.24

bong bowl | metal | XXL

Metal Bowl XXLI used to be a glass purist, but after breaking literally hundreds of glass pieces, I ..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.72

bong bowl | Rosewood

DescriptionSmoking from a wooden bowl is literally the height of luxury. There’s nothing like it. ..

€3.50 Ex Tax: €2.89

bong bowl | Rosewood

DescriptionThis bowl is made with a lot of care and strive for perfection. Even the screw is perfect..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.72

bong vapo bowl | metal | black

DescriptionIf you want the capability of a vaporizer without actually spending money on a whole new ..

€6.95 Ex Tax: €5.74