Acrylic Bong Parts

Acrylic Bong Parts

What are Acrylic Bong Parts

Our category Acrylic Bong Parts contains ordinary spare parts that will fit your existing/ broken bong.
They are also known as plastic bongs and they represent a cheap way of starting smoking with a cool water pipe.
In these categories you'll find some numerous of parts to either change or repair your bong for some very good value !
For example we offer different sizes of Chillums, Bowls, Base Caps and Pipe Screens to make your old bong look brand new.
Don't hesitate any longer and see for yourself what we have got in our Acrylic Bong Parts category.

What can you do with Acrylic Bong Parts 

The Acrylic Bong parts are mostly bought to replace an broken part of your bong, but you can also buy some extra spare parts to make yourself feel comfortable while having some extra spare parts at your home when you're smoking with your friends.
The last thing you want to happen in that case is that your bong will break and all the smoking fun ends in a few seconds.

Where are the Acrylic Bong Parts made of

Acryl is a term that contains substances derived from acrylic acids and other related compounds.
Objects made of Acrylic are mostly described as "clear" plastic but with the characteristics of glass, that's why it's been called Acrylic glass too.
We also know it as Polymethyl and methacrylate (PMMA).