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Mix & Match Bongs

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Not happy with the bongs on the market? Need that special bong just for your needs? Try our mix and match bongs. Create your own personally styled bong and mix and match it so that it becomes your very own personal bong.
The mix and match bongs category contains lots of parts to build that unique bong nobody has in stock. Mix and match bongs are gaining much popularity nowadays because of their customizing nature.
For example compose your own bong by buying your Percolator, Water Chamber and glass bowl right here at our online shop. All parts are made from the same quality glass and are definitely worth the money !
Don't forget to order the additional Bong Clips with your Mix & Match parts, these clips will hold your bong firmly together so the parts won't come off while moving your bong.

Easy way to clean your bong

Mix & Match parts are easy to clean because you can take it all apart, push your brush in every corner and place every part separately in a bucket with some Bong Cleaner.
If you are satisfied with the results, wipe the parts dry and put your bong back together, or change some parts of it to create a brand new bong. Every bong made with the Mix & Match parts is unique !

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Blaze Glass 'M&M' 8-Arm Perc. Bong Base -29%

Blaze Glass 'M&M' 8-Arm Perc. Bong Base

DescriptionStrong, solid Pyrex glass and a very effective diffuser—what more could you ask for? Yo..

69.95€ 49.95€
Blaze Glass 'M&M' Bong water chamber 7mm -33%

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Bong water chamber 7mm

DescriptionNot needing an adapter is what seals the deal for most advanced smokers it's so convenien..

126.50€ 84.95€
Blaze Glass 'M&M' Bong Water-Chamber 7mm -18%

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Bong Water-Chamber 7mm

DescriptionThe rubber grommet around the kickhole is as innovative as they come. It’s little thing..

44.95€ 36.95€

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Icebong extender tube | Black

This 'Blaze' tube with stable black mouthpiece and three black ice notches is made of 5mm borosilica..

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Icebong Percolator Tube -22%

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Icebong Percolator Tube

DescriptionYou will like the diameter and height of this tube. It’s a great size. And like all Bla..

38.50€ 29.95€
Blaze Glass 'Mix & Match' Bong Base with Diffuserplate -34%

Blaze Glass 'Mix & Match' Bong Base with Diffuserplate

DescriptionThe diffuser plate t adds that extra purifying, bubbling “oomph” that every smoker en..

79.95€ 52.95€

Blaze Glass Diffusor-Adapter

DescriptionThis is a lovely two-in-one diffuser and adapter. Great product! You will love the entire..


Blaze Glass M&M Tube with cooling spiral | Blue

This bong tube from the 'Blaze Glass' Mix & Match (M&M) Series is made from 5mm thick borosi..


Blaze Glass' 'M&M Series' Cooling Spiral Black

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Bong Tube with Black Pre-Filled-Cooling Spiral SG 45This product is part of th..

Blaze Glass' 'M&M' Conical Bong Base -23%

Blaze Glass' 'M&M' Conical Bong Base

DescriptionNice big water chamber for maximum cooling. If you haven't been using one, than it is tim..

42.95€ 32.95€
Blaze Glass'M&M' Icebong Tube -21%

Blaze Glass'M&M' Icebong Tube

DescriptionThere isn’t much to say about this bong that isn’t obvious from the pictures/descript..

32.95€ 25.95€
Blaze Glass'Mix & Match' Bong Base with Diffusor -40%

Blaze Glass'Mix & Match' Bong Base with Diffusor

DescriptionThis Blaze Glass from M&M is a Bong Base with a Sure Ground female inlet and a stable rou..

82.95€ 49.95€

bong bowl | Blaze Glass | glass

DescriptionWonderful quality, thick bowl that works well with the BG’s mix and match series. If yo..


BongClip ® | SG 29mm

DescriptionThe phrase “friction fit” might sound like marketing mumbo-jumbo, but it’s actually..


BongClip ® | SG 14.5mm

DescriptionThis clip is one of those things you might think you don’t really need, but you really,..