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Nowadays people have some crazy ideas in their heads while making a new bong. How about a bong that makes you crack up with every hit?
And how about a bong that boosts your trip to a whole new level? Don't look any further because our crazy bong selection has the answers to those questions.
You will never be bored again! Order your crazy bong today and get ready for a totally new world of adventure !
We have selected you the most crazy of all the craziest bongs available and put them in one category, please feel free to check it out for yourself.

What do we got:
  • Gas Mask Bongs
  • Slit Diffusers
  • Inline Diffusers
  • Nectar Collector Set
  • Zombie Chaser Bong
  • Willy Bong

What can I do with the Crazy Bongs

You can use the Crazy Bongs for multiple purposes such as, when you're home alone, at a party with your friends or when you're chilling outside and are bored as hell !
Just bring one of our crazy bongs to the party and you will be the party maker there for sure.

How to use the Gask Mask Crazy Bong

you can simply use the bongs by putting it on your head, for example with the Gas Mask bong.
just "screw" the bong part to the mask, push the Downstem in it and put your herbs in the bowl. Lit the fire and start smoking.

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Black Leaf Bong | Crown Cactus | 28cm

Great designed cactus bong made by Black Leaf. Not your average looking bong but it works how it sho..

Ex Tax: 66.07€

Black Leaf | Bubbler | Horns | 21cm

This bong is a beautiful work of art made by Black Leaf.Provided with diffuser holes for cooling the..

Ex Tax: 71.86€

Boost glass bong | beaker | Hells Fury | 59 cm

DescriptionThis Boost Beaker Hells Fury Glass Bong is an extraordinary piece of glass art that will ..

Ex Tax: 49.59€

Boost glass bong | Cane | Hells Fury | 59 cm

DescriptionYou can’t tell from the pictures but this bong is actually giant, 59 cm (23.2”), so i..

Ex Tax: 54.50€

gas mask bong | bolt | red

DescriptionWith this awesome gas mask bong you can smoke while you got your hands free for other thi..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

gas mask bong | bowl | transparent

With this awesome gas mask bong you can smoke while you got your hands free for other things, very e..

Ex Tax: 24.75€
gas mask bong | globe | pink Out Of Stock

gas mask bong | globe | pink

Gas Mask Bong Fully Pink is loaded with new options through the integrated and adjustable strap at t..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

gas mask bong | skull

Gas mask bong with adjustable headbands to comfortably fit around most heads. There is no escaping t..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

Peace Keeper Gun Bong

DescriptionThis 'Peace Keeper' Gun Bong is sure to pacify even the hardest gun lover and can restore..

Ex Tax: 20.62€