Acrylic bongs

Acrylic bongs

Why buy Acrylic Bongs

The big advantage between glass and acrylic bongs is that acrylic bongs are more cheaper, sturdy and almost unbreakable.  We offer our customers a wide selection of different size acrylic bongs.
There are different kinds of acrylic bongs shapes. If you want to cool down the smoke choose acrylic bongs with a large water reservoir. More water means the smoke will cool down which makes the smoke less harsh on your throat.
If you want big hit's with a lot of smoke then take a look at the bigger acrylic bongs. The bigger the bong, the more smoke you will receive!
Acrylic bongs are also very easy to take with you on the go.

Why use Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic Bongs are more cheaper then glass bongs, that's for sure. But what most people also don't know about the Acrylic bongs is that they also are much more easier to clean while you can use one of our Organic Bong cleaners.
By using the bong cleaners we sell, you can clean your bong both glass and Acrylic for a very low price, and it's very easy. Just add some water to the cleaner and let it affect for a few minutes, rinse with some water afterwards and you're good to go again !

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Acryl bong | 45cm -31%

Acryl bong | 45cm

DescriptionYou probably do not expect a bong this inexpensive to work so well as it does. If you are..

14.50€ 9.95€

Acryl bong | 53cm

DescriptionA great, medium-to-large sized bong for a great price. It’s hefty, it’s easy to clean..

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 25cm -29%

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 25cm

DescriptionThis bong is a great size—not a monster like some you see—and every part of it is unb..

20.95€ 14.95€

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 38cm

DescriptionNice blue bubble bong with metal downpipe wich is more stable than straight cylinders.Add..


Acryl bong | Black leaf | 45cm

DescriptionThis bong comes in a lot of different colors, which is cool becauseeveryone can suit thei..

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 48cm -71%

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 48cm

DescriptionOne of the most special things about this bong is its color. That said, it’s more than ..

33.95€ 9.95€

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 50 cm

DescriptionAcrylic bongs often feature fancily-shaped cylinders, which, though they look cool, can b..

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 70cm -44%

Acryl bong | Black leaf | 70cm

DescriptionYou can see from the pictures that this bong has two bowls, which is necessary for a mons..

38.95€ 21.95€

Acryl bong | cannabis leaves | 40 cm

DescriptionYou'll surely enjoy the festive look of this beautiful bong. But more than that, it’s a..


Acryl bong | cannabis leaves | green | 42cm

DescriptionThis medium-size bong not only looks awesome but is really strong: It’s made of acrylic..

Acryl bong | cannabis leaves | smoke | 77cm -28%

Acryl bong | cannabis leaves | smoke | 77cm

DescriptionThe marijuana leaf is an elegant, subtle touch to this simple-but-effective bong. It's in..

17.95€ 12.95€

Acryl bong | crooked | smoke design | 43 cm

DescriptionClean and nicely decorated bong made out of acrylic. The downpipe and bowl are made of gl..


Acryl bong | eye | 30cm

DescriptionThis is really good, solid bong that gets the job done well considering how inexpensive i..


Acryl bong | eye | 40cm

DescriptionThis is really good, solid bong that gets the job done well considering how inexpensive i..


Acryl bong | eye | 50cm

DescriptionThe size of this 50 cm bong is perfectly for party and group usage. It’s obviously pret..