Acrylic Bowls

Acrylic Bowls

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bong bowl | metal

DescriptionIf you like to be mobile with your bong (take it to parties, camping..) , you will want l..


bong bowl | metal | 20mm

Metal bowlFor those who are worried that this bowl might give off a bad taste, rest assured that it ..


bong bowl | metal | colored

Metal cupThe looks are very important to me. That’s part of the reason I chose an acrylic bong, I li..


bong bowl | metal | silver

DescriptionThis little cup is incredibly easy to clean. In the metal vs. glass bowl/cup debate, be d..


Bong screw | universal

DescriptionThis screw is one of those things that are so easy to overlook, but so necessary. Place y..


bong bowl | Aluminium

Aluminium Bowl 2 Colors MixAlthough i prefer the black version. This 2-piece set is perfect if you l..


bong bowl | ebony wood

Ebony wooden bowlThis bowl has been tested on 4 separate metal downpipes, and it fits each one. So c..


bong bowl | metal | 10mm

Metal BowlNice bowl that is easy to clean.  Hook yourself up with this baby and get ready ..


bong bowl | metal | 30mm

Metal Bowl 30 mm heightIf you’re prone to breaking glass, do yourself a favor and just stop using it..


bong bowl | metal | XL

Metal Bowl XLHaving smoked from many bowls of both glass and metal, you have probably come to the co..


bong bowl | metal | XXL

Metal Bowl XXLI used to be a glass purist, but after breaking literally hundreds of glass pieces, I ..


bong bowl | Rosewood

DescriptionThis bowl is made with a lot of care and strive for perfection. Even the screw is perfect..


bong vapo bowl | metal | black

DescriptionIf you want the capability of a vaporizer without actually spending money on a whole new ..