Blue Nitro Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Out Of Stock Blue Nitro Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Blue Nitro Haze | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Blue nitro haze feminized cannabis seeds

Outdoor cultivation in colder environments is no longer a problem with our Blue Nitro Haze. She is specially created to withstand cold and rainy climates. We crossed a Moroccan Sativa with an early pearl ( USA, California heritage) which resulted in the Early Moroccan and crossbred it with a hybrid of the Purple Haze ( Mexican, Columbian, Thailand and India heritage)  and our Lazy Ice (Northern light x White Widow) called the Purple Ice to further develop our outdoor strains with high quality genetics. This results in a very stable and resistant outdoor cannabis plant. She is one of our fastest flowering haze strains hence the name nitro. With blue tones on the leafs we couldn’t give her a better name then Blue Nitro Haze. Although it’s a Sativa dominant plant, her buds are denser like indica cannabis plants.  So if you always had problems with growing a pure Haze strain in colder climates, we advise to give Blue Nitro Haze a try.

Type: 15% indica 85% sativa
Genetic Background: Early Moroccan X Purple Ice 
Flowering time: No indoor possible
Life cycle:  7 months
Zone outdoor: A,B,C
Height Indoor: No indoor possible 
Height Outdoor: 200 – 250 cm
Yield Indoor: no indoor possible
Yield Outdoor: 600 - 1000 gr
Effect: Uplifting high, light stoner
taste: Floral/sweet, diesel
THC: high
CBD: low

Flowering time and appearance:
Blue Nitro Haze cannot be cultivated indoors because of her height. She must be grown in the outdoors. You can harvest her mid-September. If you place our Blue Nitro Haze directly in the soil she will grow into a 200-250 cm cannabis plant. She has a distinctive Sativa appearance. In the last stage of flowering she will get blue/purple tones on the leaves and buds. You might have to support the branches because of the heavy buds Blue Nitro Haze produce.

Yield indoor/outdoor
With a harvest between 600 to 1000 gr/pp she is one of our best yielding outdoor strains. You can easily harvest high yields even in colder and rainy climates. She is very mold and disease resistant.  

Effect + THC + CBD
Blue Nitro Haze delivers a potent uplifting high lingering in a light body stoned feeling. The high THC level ensures a powerful Sativa cerebral effect. The CBD values of the Blue Nitro Haze are low.

Taste and odor
A very sweet tasting cannabis strain with hints of diesel. The aroma is sweet and earthy. 

TypeSativa Dominant
Yield outdoorHigh
Height outdoorSuper high
Harvest month outdoorseptember

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