The Dabstorm is not suitable for dry herbs or e-liquids, but is intended only for oil and concentrates.

If you like to concentrate smokes then this Dabstorm pen vaporizer is really the thing you are looking for.
The Dabstorm is the improved version of the Dabstar and is specially designed to let all your portable dab wishes to be fulfilled.
The Dabstorm has 2 quality ceramic atomizers and a complete set of accessories in order to get to work with immediately. The Dabstorm vaporizer you will never come out disappointed!

Adjustable battery (Voltage).

With the adjustable battery, you can choose to adjust the voltage between 3.3V and 4.8V. This allows you to select a lower setting for a more intense flavor and a higher setting for a stronger draft.

Supplied with two ceramic Pulverizers.

This set includes: two completely new and specially manufactured for this vaporizer atomizers.

-The Ceramic donut atomizer has no exposed filament and is excellent for soft, pure fumes.
-The Ceramic rod atomizer is equipped with a titanium filament and have stronger and take sips the ideal choice for high temperatures or if you prefer thicker vapor clouds.

A built-in microprocessor ensures that the coil does not overheat.


  • Dabstorm with adjustable battery (voltage)
  • Ceramic donut atomizer
  • Ceramic rod atomizer
  • metal mouthpiece
  • Glass mouthpiece x2
  • dabber tool
  • USB charger
  • concentrate Bowl
Warm-up time0-1 min
Adjustable temperatureYes
Portable / TabletopPortable
Suitable foroils and concentrates
Way of heatingElectric
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